Sessions: Engineering Use Cases

Session Leaders

  • Nadine Alameh
  • Josh Lieberman

Session Topics / Scenarios

  • Engineering use cases review
  • Use case role in scenario development

Response Summary

Relevant response to this session are listed below.  All AIP-3 responses.

  • Energy Community Catalog (Mines Paris Tech EnerGEO Genesis)
  • Air Quality Community Catalog (WUStL, ESIP)
  • Online DRI Legacy Database (DRI)
  • Genesis-DR Central Discovery Service (Genesis-DR)
  • AIRNow Gateway ? (AIRNow)
  • Geoland2 data series and services catalog (Geoland2)
  • Geoland2 CMS BioPar discovery and ordering service (Geoland2)
  • GI-Cat (GIIDA SINANet)
  • Ontology and terminology registry- Semantic MediaWiki (U of Tokyo)
  • Geo repository service (SPOT Infoterra)
  • GOES Data Services-Catalog (GMU CSISS)
  • Geodatenkatalog-DE Catalog (BKG)
  • Geo Portals
    • Compusult GeoPortal (Compusult)
    • ESRI GEOSS Portal (ESRI)
    • ESA-FAO GEOportal (ESA)
  • Community Clients (includes portals)
    • Energy Community Portal (Mines Paris Tech EnerGEO Genesis)
    • Global Drought Monitor (Pozzi)
    • Genesis Web Portal and Geodata Visualization Portlet (Mines Paris Tech EnerGEO Genesis)
    • Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project (planned Water Community Web Portal) (JAXA)
    • DRI Data Legacy Portal (DRI)
    • Kepler Scientific Workflow System (CSIRO)
    • AIRNow website/Gateway/Info Service (AIRNow)
    • Geoland2 promotional and expert portals (Geoland2)
    • Géoportail (GIGAS-DM)
    • SAFER Geo Portal Gateway (SPOT Infoterra)
    • (Future) EDO Internet Portal/Decision support tool interfacing with EDO system (EuroGEOSS Genesis Drought)
    • Air Quality Data Discovery Interface, uFIND
  • Reusable client components
    • Enhanced client interfaces on Google maps and OpenLayers (CIESIN)
    • Observation visualization clients (Google Maps, WorldWind) (CSIRO)
    • ArcGIS Explorer and ArcGIS Desktop components for searching GEOSS clearinghouses (ESRI)
    • GeoViewer (ESRI)
    • GeOnAS Portal (GMU CSISS)
    • Air Quality Data Catalog Query Service (atom, WUStL) 
  • Distributed Data Integration Prototype System for Satellite, In-situ and Model Data (JAXA)
  • EuroGEOSS/Genesis/UncertWeb broker (e-habitat)
  • Federated Air Quality Data System, DataFed (WUStL)
Processing and Workflow
  • Genesis WPS (clipping, reprojection, generalization, format conversion on vector and raster data as well as overlay, contouring, spatial interpolation, …)
  • Population estimation Web Processing Service (CIESIN)
  • Kepler Scientific Workflow System (CSIRO)
  • WPS for combining and comparing satellite time series with in situ and model data (PML)
  • INTAMAP automated interpolation service (ifgi)
  • ERCS Workflow service (SPOT Infoterra)
  • Geospatial processing web services- GRASS (GMU CSISS)
  • PBELPower Engine (GMU CSISS)
  • e-habitat WPS (e-habitat)
  • WPS for calculating drought hazard using EDO indexes (EuroGEOSS Genesis Drought)
Sensor Web
  • SOS-based Hydrological Sensor Web for South Esk River (CSIRO); and Sensor Event Service for river flow alerts
  • Improved discovery and binding to Sensor Web (Compusult)
  • Combining SWE and geoprocessing in near real time system (ifgi)
  • GIS FCU SWE services (SOS, SPS, SAS) for disaster management (GIS FCU)

Cross Reference

 Use Cases \ Scenarios
 Disaster - Flood Water - Drought Water - Quality Energy - Solar PV
 BioClim -
Register Resources

Deploy Resources

Harvest / Query via Clearinghouse

Search for Resources

Present Services and Alerts

Interact with Services

 Exploit Data Visually and Analytically

 Construct and Deploy Workflow   

Test Services

 Register New Interoperability Arrangements

 Semantic Mediation
 User Identification
 Data Licensing
 Sensor Tasking & Integration
 Collaboration & Linking

Session 1

 Time  Topic  Leader(s)  Presentation  Rapporteur  Notes
   Use case mapping process
 Nadine A
   End2End Discovery
 Josh L
   ESA Portal overview
   Compusult Portal overview
 Compusult  Download    
  ESRI Portal overview
 ESRI Download  
  Report to plenary (session 1 and 2)
 Nadine & Josh

Session 2

 Time  Topic  Leader(s)  Presentation  Rapporteur  Notes
   Geoprocessing and workflows
 Josh L
   Compusult support for Sensor Web
 Compusult  Download    
   Sensor Web for disaster management    


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