Session: Energy

Session Leaders

  • Isabelle Blanc - Lionel Menard

Session Topics / Scenarios


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 Primary Participants
 Contributing Participants
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of the production, transportation and use of energy by proper exploitation of data available within GEOSS
  • Environmental impact assessment of the photovoltaic sector
 Data and Metadata
  • Biomass, Wind, Fossil Fuel, and Solar Energy datasets (EnergEO)
  • Environmental impact assessment parameters (Ecoinvent)
  • OGC Catalog registration for search &discovery (GENESIS)
  • GeoLand 2 dataset series and services catalog (Geoland2)
  • GeoLand 2 CMS Euroland View and Download (Geoland2)
  • GeoLand CMS BioPar Discovery and Ordering (Geoland2)
 Services and Components
  • Energy Community Portal ( (includes WMS and WPS)
  • Web services to access solar radiation parameters (includes coverage dataset of monthly means of solar irradiance coming from data fusion techniques applied to satellite data, meteorological reanalyses from NCEP /NCAR (USA) and orography for the period 1990-2004)
  • Possible OGC CSW-based community catalog
  • Genesis Portal and GeoData Visualization portlet (redesign of the ESA Service Support Environment Portal based
    on Portlet/JSF/AJAX technology)
  • WPS (Intecs and GIM) (clipping,reprojection, generalization, format conversion on vector and raster data as well as overlay, contouring, spatial interpolation)
  • Promotional and expert portals (Geoland2)
 Architecture/Interoperability Arrangements
  • UncertML
  • Interest in data quality and uncertainty and IPR data rights

Session Agenda

 Time  Topic  Leader(s)  Presentation  Rapporteur  Notes
 25 min.     Energy Scenario Detailled presentation  Mines ParisTech      Download    
 25 min    
Genesis- SBA - Energy
 Genesis  Download    
 25 min
 Report out 
 Mines ParisTech


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