Session: Data Sharing Guidelines

Session Leaders

  • Steve Browdy (OMS Tech, IEEE)
  • Sri Vinay (CIESIN)

Session Topics / Scenarios

Response Summary

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 Primary Participants
  • CIESIN (Center for International Earth Science Information Network, Columbia University )
 Contributing Participants
  • DRI (Drought Research Initiative / Drought Scenario)
  • ESA (ESA-FAO GEOportal)
  • GENESI-DR (Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Repositories)
  • GIGAS Data (GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support)
  • INCOSE (International Council of System Engineers)
  • ISPRA_CNR (National Agency for the Environmental Protection and Technical Services / Italian National Research Council)
  • Mines ParisTech, EnerGEO, GENESIS
  • (Compusult)
  • (CSIRO) (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
  • (GMU) (George Mason University)
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • The enhanced digital rights management support in WMS services will serve as a proof-of-concept for user scenarios in which the creation and use of map visualizations from multiple sources is subject to data licensing concerns.
  • Drought 
  • Population
  • Energy
 Data and Metadata
  • CIESIN will work with other AIP-3 participants to help define a protocol for transmission of Creative Commons licensing information in the “usage constraints” field of the WMS Capabilities statement.
  • A standard metadata schema for encoding license information for GEOSS will be developed.
  • Interoperability between services with respect to the encoding of licensing information will be explored.
  • ASTER DEM Policy
  • Landsat Data policy
  • Development of a GEOSS Societal Benefits Areas Only license.
 Services and Components
  • An enhanced Web Map Service, providing access to a range of widely used SEDAC data layers, including delivery of Creative Commons-style open access licensing information through the WMS Get Capabilities request.
  • Enhanced client interfaces based on the Google MAPS API and OpenLayers that will support user-friendly recognition and display of Creative Commons-style licensing information as part of data layer selection and results presentation.
  • Development of support for the transmission of Creative Commons-style license information in the CIESIN WMS.
  • Interoperability between services with respect to the encoding of licensing information will be explored, with attention being given to the issue of “license stacking” as discussed in the AIP-3 Architecture document (limited to the subset of open licenses indicated in Table 8).
  • ESA GeoPortal participate in the analysis and definition of possible approaches to support data sharing principles implementation 
  • ASTER DEM data via WCS (GMU TBD)

Session Agenda

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Follow-on Work

All continuing work on data sharing guidelines for AIP-3 can be found at