Session: Data Harmonization

Session Leaders

  • Simon Cox, European Commission - JRC
  • Giuseppe Ottavianelli,  European Space Agency
  • Shelley Stover, NASA and CEOS SEO

Session Topics / Scenarios

  • Geophysical Parameters
  • QA4EO
  • EO Data Model
  • General Feature Model

Response Summary

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 Primary Participants
 Contributing Participants
  • PML
  • WMO paper - Reference paper from Bizzaro Bizzari, WMO (not an official response to CFP)
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • An error-aware, automatic air quality interpolation service
  • Outcomes of this process (UncertML for grid data served through WCS) are in addition relevant for the SBAs weather and climate.
 Data and Metadata
  • Focus on data interoperability. 
  • The main deliverable will be a report on the GEOSS Best Practice wiki (BPW)
  • Develop Common foundation that reconciles the ‘geophysical parameter' and ‘geographic feature' views of Earth observations. 
  • Encourage use of the General Feature Model and INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model, and use the Observations and Measurements model 
  • On-demand automatic interpolation of these data and portrayal of interpolation results and interpolation error distributions. 
  • A contribution to the BPW that discusses using the emerging UncertML standard when dealing with explicitly quantified uncertainties in data and model chains.
  • gridded outputs; this is currently done using the GML rectifiedgrid, but a more convenient way would be to use a transactional web coverage service (WCS-T) to store and serve the generated interpolations when they are on a regular grid. 
  • The QA4EO Task Team is proposing to provide the needed guidance to any GEOSS element or SBA that needs to improve its data quality assurance strategy in the framework of AIP. 
  • QA4EO Task Team will provide: a questionnaire that can be used by any interested entity for the tailoring of QA4EO; general guidance and know-how on specific matters to support the SBAs; and recommendations for GEOSS Interoperability Arrangements
  • Quality Indicator (QI) based on documented quantitative assessment of its traceability to community agreed (ideally SI) reference standards
  • Investigate integrate QA4EO guidelines within the BPW so that what is believed to be a best practice can be recorded for others to benefit from as they decide to participate in GEOSS.
  • CSIRO possible contributions to the Data Harmonization and Vocabularies technology themes.
  • PML Use Case 1: Relationships between physical and biological variables. 
  • PML Use Case 2: Ecosystem model validation
 Services and Components
  • Demonstration that connects a sensor observation service, a web processing service and a client for interactive selection of air quality measurements, on-demand automatic interpolation of these data and portrayal of interpolation results and interpolation error distributions

Session Agenda

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