Session: Biodiversity and Climate Change

Session Leaders

  • Doug Nebert
  • Stefano Nativi

Session Topics / Scenarios

  • Ecosystem Evolution
  • Arctic SDI

Response Summary

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 Primary Participants
 Contributing Participants
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • Assessing environmental changes due to anthropogenic activities, including climate change (e-Habitat)
  • Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (GMU CSISS GeOnAS online analysis portal)
 Data and Metadata
  • GOES data (GMU CSISS)
  • NOAA (CLASS)/NASA Observation data
  • Satellite time series of optical properties, chlorophyll-a concentrations, sea surface temperature and sea-surface elevation processed from NASA & ESA source data (PML)
  • In situ measurements of phytoplankton or physical properties from time series either in single locations (such as the L4 station off Plymouth) or along track series (such as, for example, ships of opportunity or ferrybox systems) (PML)
  • Ecosystem model output for the UK waters (PML)
  • INSPIRE compliant metadata (MPL)
  • GeoLand 2 dataset series and services catalog (Geoland2)
  • GeoLand 2 CMS Euroland View and Download (Geoland2)
  • GeoLand CMS BioPar Discovery and Ordering (Geoland2)
 Services and Components
  • WPS: Modeling web service for habitation computation (e-Habitat)
  • DOPA (Digital Observatory for Protected Areas) – a biodiversity information system currently being developed as a set of interoperable web services (e-Habitat)
  • Broker component (e-Habitat) (OGC CSW Core, OGC CSW ISO, OGC CSW ebRIM, OGC CSW opensearch, GBIF RESTful; THREDDS/OPeNDAP/netCDF)
  • Basic composition service (e-Habitat) for managing the discovery, access and chaining (translucent approach) of services and models)
  • GOES data services (GMU CSISS)
  • WPS- GRASS processes (GMU CSISS)
  • Sensor Web Services (GMU CSISS)
  • BPEL Workflow Engine (GMU CSISS)
  • GeoBrain Online Analysis System GeOnAS (GMU CSISS)
  • WPS for combining and comparing satellite time series with in situ and model data (PML). 
  • WMS, WFS, OPeNDAP for MPL data (see above)
  • Promotional and expert portals (Geoland2)
  • Mediation services (GIIDA SINANet)
 Architecture and Interoperability Arrangements
  • e-Habitat discovery and access broker framework (will support ontology based discovery mechanism)
  • Semantics (e-Habitat, GMU CSISS)
  • Refinement of GEOSS registry (GMU CSISS)
  • Workflow (e-Habitat); Service chaining and WPS profiling (GMU CSISS)
  • Refinement of architecture (fitting in broker and modeling web components) (e-Habitat)
  • Information model for discovery and registry of sensors (GMU CSISS)

Session Agenda

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