Nourridine Siewe

PhD Candidate
Howard University/MBI


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I am currently carrying out a joint PhD at Howard University and Mathematical Biosciences Institute. My researches are focused on developing a mathematical model for the study of granuloma formation in the liver when infected by Leishmania parasites.

I am AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Alumnae, as I was PGD student at AIMS-South Africa 2011-12 session. My dissertation there was on "The Tikhonov Theorem In Multiscale Modelling: An Application To The SIRS Epidemic Model" [dissertation]

I obtained a Master of Science in Mathematics at the University of Buea (Cameroon), where I first discovered the application of Mathematics to Biology. It was such a great experience. Well... My initiation into the Applied Maths world all started there.

In case you are looking for a singer/master of ceremony for your occasion, I am the guy. Indeed, I have a lifetime experience in social activities (choirs, football/soccer team, performing arts, story telling,...)