Journal Club

The Journal Club meets Tuesdays. Talks are currently held virtually or possibly hybrid.

Date: Please see dates below.
Usually 2pm. Exceptions to this starting time are noted in schedule.

Venue: Online or hybrid using zoom. Links to join will be sent out to Journal Club email list.

Contact for queries and for joining the club: Daniel Nickelsen

The "Journal Club" seminar provides a forum for us, and our visitors, to discuss current work, perhaps to benefit from feedback before it is submitted to a journal. Presenters are encouraged to focus on the context of a problem or result and the reasoning it involves, instead of presenting a management-level summary of polished results. Insights into the work, progress, pitfalls of methods, critical assumptions, and similar discussion points will be appreciated. For a fruitful discussion presentations should be accessible, carefully choosing the abstraction level and the technical details shown. Usually a taste of the methods involved will be more beneficial to the audience than a complete proof. It is hoped that both the audience and the speaker will benefit from an example of how to engage in research.

2022 Schedule (online / hybrid)

Date Speaker and Talk
 22 February

 Dr Jan Hązła (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausannea (EPFL) / AIMS Rwanda)
 Channel coding of binary linear codes and Reed-Muller codes
 1 March

 8 March

 15 March

 Mr Mmatlou Kubyana (SU / AIMS)
 Nonlinear dynamics of the rock-paper-scissors game
 22 March

 29 March

 Dr Christian Budde (University of Free State)
 One-Parameter Semigroups – An Operator Theoretical Approach to Evolution Equations (detailed abstract)
 5 April

 12 April

 19 April

 26 April

 3 May

 Prof Rafael Nepomechie (University of Miami)
 Bethe ansatz and quantum computing
 10 May

 Mr Gershom Buri (AIMS / SACEMA)
Vaccinating to minimise COVID-10 morbidity
 17 May

 Dr Madhurananda Pahar (SU)
 Using machine learning to detect COVID-19 in vocal audio
 24 May

 Mr Thabang Malapane (SU / AIMS)
 31 May

 Dr Peter Olukanmi (University of Johannesburg)
 Algorithms in the 4IR: Improved machine learning techniques via probability theory

2021 Schedule (online / hybrid)

Date Speaker and Talk
 7 September

 Dr Daniel Nickelsen (AIMS)
 Bayesian inference for laws of nature - a fantasy?
 14 September

 21 September

 Prof Jeff Sanders (AIMS)
 Modelling Consciousness

 28 September

 Dr Whasuck Lee (UWC)
 Operator theoretical approaches to Partial Differential Equations
 5 October

 12 October

 19 October

 Rockefeller (AIMS)
 Modeling of Chaotic Dynamical Systems using Historical Consistent Neural Networks (HCNNs)
 26 October

 Dr Hans-Georg Zimmermann (Siemens Corporate Research, Fraunhofer IIS, Germany)
 From Modelling Intelligence to Modelling Consciousness
 2 November

 Kiprono Elijah Koech (AIMS)
 On Action Recognition and Video Classification - An Overview
 9 November

 16 November

 Juliana Marcos (AIMS alumni)
Object Detection and Tracking for Space Situational Awareness using Event-based Cameras:
 A Reproducibility Study
 23 November

 30 November

 7 December

 14 December

 2020 / 2021 Schedule (online)

Date  Speaker and Talk
17 November
 Dr Hans-Georg Zimmermann (Siemens Corporate Research, Fraunhofer IIS, Germany)
Modeling Dynamical Systems with Historical Consistent Neural Networks   (slides)
1 December

 Johan du Buisson (SU)

 Large Deviations of Reflected Brownian Motion

15 December

 2 February
 Dr Hans-Georg Zimmermann (Chief Scientist for AI, Fraunhofer Society, Germany)
Modeling Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Uncertainty in Time Series   (slides)
 16 February
 no talk

 2 March
 Thabani Ngcobo (AIMS)
Solving differential equations with radial basis functions
 15 March

 Prof Peter Grindrod (Oxford, UK)

 Hidden Markov Models in Customer Relation Management and Gambling

 16 March Prof Peter Grindrod (Oxford, UK)
 Trust and Hype in Data Science
 30 March
 Kiprono Elijah Koech (AIMS)
 Ensemble Techniques in Machine Learning
 13 April

 no talk

 27 April
 no talk (Freedom Day)

 11 May no talk

 25 May
 Dr Emmanuel Dufourq (AIMS)

 Pre-trained neural networks - a potential solution for monitoring endangered species?

 2020 Schedule

Date Speaker and Talk
 4 February
 Dr Jan Sürmeli (Technical University Berlin, Germany)
 Decentralizing Identity
 11 February Dr Marc Sedjro (AIMS)
 Axisymmetric flows in a free boundary domain
 18 February Muhammad Sirajo Abdullahi (University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand)
Digital Image Topology and Fixed Points
 25 February Dr Jannis Kurtz (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Discrete Optimization Methods for Group Model Selection in Compressed Sensing
 3 March Dr Mokhwetha Mabula (University of Pretoria)
 The role of Archimedean, Normal and Generating cones
 10 March Prof Alan Beardon (University of Cambridge)
 The Lambert function   (slides)
 17 March Dr Bubacarr Bah (AIMS) and Dr Ulrich Terstiege (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
 Learning deep linear neural networks: Riemannian gradient flows and convergence to global minimizers 
  Further talks have been suspended in response to the Covid19 pandemic

2019 Schedule

Date  Speaker and Talk
 3 September
 Prof Jeff W Sanders (AIMS)
 How to transfer knowledge (slides)
 10 September
 Dr Hassan Bakri (Sudan University of Science and Technology)
 On the exact solutions of start-up Couette flow of a non-Newtonian fluid
 17 September
 Gershom Buri (AIMS)
 A mechanistic model for predicting age-associated disease incidence based on the Hayflick limit.
 24 September
 Public Holiday
 1 October
14:00 - 15:00 pm
 Main lecture hall
 Jonathan Carter (AIMS)
 Introduction to AIMS Desktop
 8 October
 Dr Alain Fotue (University of Dschang, Cameroon)
 Polaron and decoherence in quantum dot nanostructure: application in quantum computer.
 15 October
 Dr  Emmanuel Dufourq (AIMS)
The world’s rarest primate: A deep learning journey
 22 October
 Emmanuel Kabuga (AIMS)
Identification of Individual Animal from Images with a Siamese network
 29 October
 Rojo Randrianomentsoa (AIMS)
On The Fundamental Theorem of Auction Theory
 5 November
 Ephifania Geza (AIMS)
 Population relationships and natural selection in admixed individual genomes
 12 November
 Evander Nyoni (AIMS)
Neural Machine Translation for African Languages
 19 November
 Samuel Mensah (AIMS)
REINFORCE algorithm
 26 November

 Christian Plitz (Technical University of Munich)
Advances and future applications of quantum computing 
 28 November 
 14:00 - 15:00 pm
 Main lecture hall
 Dr Nichol Furey (University of Cambridge)
Towards a more efficient algebraic model of particle physics
 3 December
 Juliana Marcos (AIMS)
Data Fusion and Formation Control: Application to Wildlife Monitoring

Date  Speaker and Talk
5 February
Professor Stéphane Ouvry, Paris Sud
The algebraic area of lattice walks and the Hofstadter model: exact enumeration
12 February Dr Yabebal Fantaye, AIMS
A beautiful theory; high performance and cloud computing (2 talks)
19 February
Dr Eric Andriantiana, Rhodes University
Extremal trees with fixed degree sequence
 26 February Dr Daniel Nickelsen, NIThEP, Stellenbosch University
Applications of nonequilibrium Markov processes
 5 March Prof Stefan Jaehnichen, TU Berlin
Comparing models of centralised and de-centralised accounting
12 March Prof Rafal Marcin Lochowski, University of Warsaw
Pathwise stochastic calculus of deterministic càdlàg paths - linking several approaches
19 March Irene Kyomugisha, AIMS
Machine Learning in Genomics Research
26 March Prof Patrick Dorey, Durham University
From Stokes to Reality
 2 April No talk -- PAMO on at AIMS
 9 April François Renaud
Mathematics with categorical aesthetics
 16 April Samar Elsheikh, UCT
Genetic Association Study of Brain Connectivity Changes for Alzheimer’s Disease
 23 April No talk
 30 April No talk
 7 May  Dr Yaé Ulrich Gaba, IMSP
Discussions around the pseudo-metrization of a partially ordered metric space 
14 May Dr Kenneth Dadedzi, AIMS 
The ancestral matrix of rooted trees 
21 May 
Venue - Main Building
Dr Febe de Wet, Stellenbosch University, and Dr Astik Biswas, Stellenbosch University
Semi-supervised acoustic model training for five-lingual code-switched automatic speech recognition 
28 May
Venue - Main Building
Dr T. L. Kitagawa, University of Oxford
Making the Rules by Breaking the Rules: Deciphering the History of Mathematics and Computing 
 27 June Professor Lijun Zhang, College of Mathematics and Systems Science, Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Traveling wave solutions to a class of higher-order nonlinear wave equations
Dr Anum Shafiq, International Institute for Symmetry Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, Department of Mathematical Sciences, North-West University, Mafikeng Campus
Third-grade fluid over a vertical exponentially stretched plate: Statistical analysis

2018 schedule

 Date  Speaker and Talk
 11 September
Dr Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Stellenbosch University
Conditioned Galton-Watson Trees
 18 September
Dr Milaine Sergine Seuneu Tchamga, AIMS
Delay in Stability Switch in Singularly Perturbed Models and its Applications
 25 September
Dr Daniel Nickelsen, NIThEP, Stellenbosch University
How graph theory and number theory emerge in equilibration dynamics of many-body quantum systems.
 2 October
Felicien Jordan Masakuna, AIMS, and Kayode Olaleye, AIMS
Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning Indaba report back
 9 October
Benji Meltzer, Aerobotics
Learning when labels are expensive: weak and partial supervision
 16 October
Augustina Frimpong, University of Ghana
Phenotypic analysis of T cell diversity in paediatric malaria infection
 Thursday, 18 October
Osman Musa, Vienna University of Technology
Sparse Regression Codes - Approximate Message Passing, Convex Approaches and Empirical Findings
 23 October
Dr Peter Jung, CommIT, TU Berlin
Blind Sparse Recovery From Superimposed Non-Linear Sensor Measurements
 30 October
Dr Marc Sedjro, AIMS Tanzania
On some asymmetric flows
 6 November
No Journal Club - thesis defence presentations on
 13 November
No Journal Club - thesis defence presentations on
 20 November
Dr Elbasher Ahmed, AIMS
Axial segregation of granular flows in rotating drums
 27 November
Dr S. Narjess Afzaly
Isomorph-free Generation of Graphs
 4 December
Taboka Prince Chalebgwa, AIMS
Algebraic values of certain entire functions of order less than one
 11 December
IWR Workshop on at AIMS
 18 December
Professor Abdul Kara, Wits
On the relationship between the invariance and conservation laws of differential equations

 Date  Speaker and Talk
 Recess -- MISG and other workshops on
 6 February
No Talk
 13 February
Week of International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Speaker: Dr Diletta Martinelli, Edinburgh University
A gentle introduction to the Minimal Model Program
 20 February

Martha N. Kamkuemah, AIMS and Stellenbosch University
The net of devices using TCP
Monday, 26 February
7pm, Main Building
Prof Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
On an exact formula for a root of the equation p(z)=0, where p is any polynomial of any degree.
Lecture 1

This talk will be in the Main Building at 7pm.
Tuesday, 27 February
7pm, Main Building
Prof Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
On an exact formula for a root of the equation p(z)=0, where p is any polynomial of any degree. 
Lecture 2
This talk will be in the Main Building at 7pm.  It replaces the usual afternoon Journal Club meeting.

 6 March
Week of International Women's Day
Speaker: Lyndsay Kerr, University of Strathclyde
Discrete Coagulation-Fragmentation Systems
 13 March
Dr Lindiwe Tshuma, AIMSSEC
Multiple levels and aspects of language competency in English and Intermediate Phase mathematics teachers: An analysis of case of the Eastern Cape Province
 20 March
Audace Amen Vioutou Dossou-Olory, Stellenbosch University
Inducibility of Trees: A Probabilistic Approach
 27 March
Prof Patrick Dorey, Durham University
Breaking integrability at the boundary
 3 April
Dr Nirina Maurice Hasina Tahiridimbisoa, AIMS
Symmetric group on the dynamic of Axelrod model for dissemination of cultures.
 10 April
 Data Science Workshop on -- No Talk
 17 April
Prof Tim Gendron, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México | UNAM · Institute of Mathematics
Quasicrystals and the Quantum Modular Invariant: Toward a Solution of the Real Multiplication Problem in Characteristic Zero
 24 April
Emily Muller, AIMS
Determining the Mechanisms of Social Network Evolution
 1 May
 Workers' Day Holiday -- No Talk
 8 May
Dr Charles Maepa, University of Pretoria
On Lipschitz p-compact operators
 15 May
Dr Carl A. B. Pearson, United States Africa Command and Stellenbosch University
Modeling Public Health Interventions
 22 May
Emmanuel Dufourq, AIMS and UCT
Facial expression recognition using convolutional neural networks
 29 May
Jean Bernoulli Ravelomanana, Stellenbosch University
 June-August   Recess

 2017 Calendar

September to December 2017

 Date  Speaker and Talk
 12 September Professor Jeff Sanders, AIMS
Journal Club and Crypto-currency
 19 September IEEE Africon conference, Cape Town
 26 September
Professor Jeff Sanders, AIMS
 3 October
Abdoelnaser Degoot, AIMS
A Biophysical Model for Predictions of Peptide:HLA-DR Interactions Based on Genomic and Structural Data
 10 October
Professor Alan Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
Riemann surfaces: old and new
Monday, 16 October
at 3pm
Main Lecture Hall
General Talk:
Dr Eddy Kimba Phongi, Visiting Researcher, AIMS
KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Game
 17 October
Mhlasakululeka Mvubu, Alice Nanyanzi, Innocenter Amima and Jordan Félicien Masakuna, AIMS
Deep Learning: Not a technique, but a powerful tool
 24 October
Dr Eddy Kimba Phongi, Visiting Researcher, AIMS
Nonstandard finite-difference on a singularly perturbed problem. The case of exchange of stability
 31 October
Dr Bruce Bartlett, Stellenbosch University
Generators and relations for the bicategory of 3-manifolds
 7 November
Dr Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Stellenbosch University
The average distance in randomly perturbed graphs
 14 November
Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe, AIMS
One-Parameter Interpolatory Subdivision Convergence
 21 November
Jordan Félicien Masakuna, AIMS
Tackling Inconsistency in Classifier Fusion
 28 November
Dr Ronalda Benjamin, Stellenbosch University
Connections between Fredholm Theory and Positivity in General Ordered Banach Algebras
 5 December
Dr Emmanuel Adabor, AIMS
Machine learning approaches to decipher hormone and HER2 receptor status phenotypes in breast cancer
 12 December
Professor Abdul Kara, University of the Witwatersrand
Dealing with symmetries and conservation laws of nonlinear Schrodinger equations


February to June 2017

 Date  Speaker and Talk
 February  2017  
Thursday, 2  February
Note: this talk is on a Thursday
Prof Jane L Hutton, Department of Statistics, The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
Missing data and how to see biased results
Tuesday, 7  February
Prof Elissa J. Schwartz, Washington State University
Modeling immune system evasion by HIV and similar retroviruses
 14 February
Dr Stefano Galmarini, EC/Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy
Predicting and assessing atmospheric dispersion of pollutants from multiple model results: The power (and danger) of multi-model ensembles
 21 February
Mathematical Finance Summer School on at AIMS
 28 February
Buri Gershom, AIMS and SACEMA 
Differential expression analysis of count data: a  bottom up approach
 March 2017  
  7 March
Venue: AIMS Main Building
Dr Tom Brown, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
An Interdisciplinary View on the Transition to an Energy System Based on Renewables
This talk will be in the AIMS Main Building, 6 Melrose Road.
Dr Tom Brown's talk slides
 14 March
Prof Philibert Nang, Ecole Normale Supérieure of Libreville, Gabon
Introduction to D-modules
 21 March
Human Rights Day.
 28 March
Dr Christian Kenfack Sadem, Mesoscopic and Multilayer Structures Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, University of Dschang, Cameroon
Tunable Potential and Decoherence of Polaron in Semiconductor Quantum Wire
 April 2017  
  4 April
Dr Diptarup Nandi, Indian Institute of Science
A sensory ecological perspective on mate sampling strategies: Models and an empirical test
 Tues, 11 April
Kossi Etekpo, AIMS and UCT
Numerical solution of subsurface reservoir simulation

Wed, 12 April

General Talk: AIMS Main Building
Prof Felix Mora-Camino, French Civil Aviation Institute-ENAC
Advances in Operations Research for Air Transportation Planning and Operations
Note that this talk is on a Wednesday at 2pm and in the AIMS Main Building
 18 April
Dr Gaston Kuzamunu Mazandu, AIMS 
Can mathematical sciences change the state of the battle against communicable and non-communicable diseases?
 25 April
Dr Alberto Cazzaniga, AIMS
The ADE classification and related invariants
 May 2017  
  2 May
Ephifania Geza, AIMS
The Evolution of Ancestry Deconvolution
 Tues, 9 May
Dr Bubacarr Bah,  AIMS
Bounds of restricted isometry constants for Gaussian matrices
 Thurs, 11 May
Please note this talk is on a Thursday.
Dr Daniel Nickelsen, NITheP
Realistic equilibration in quantum spin systems
 16 May
Prof Elissa J. Schwartz, Washington State University
Free-virus and cell-to-cell transmission in models of equine infectious anemia virus infection
 23 May
Prof Robert Smith?, The University of Ottawa
Unexpected infection spikes in a model of Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccination
 30 May
Note: in HALL Building
Dr Nantsoina Cynthia Ramiharimanana​, AIMS
Embedding Problems and Minimal Ramification
The venue for this talk is the AIMS HALL Building (Cosomology area), 7 Melrose Road
 June 2017
  6 June
Note: in HALL Building
Dr Ali Zahabi, University of the Witwatersrand and Queen Mary University of London
Universality in integrable combinatorics/probability: the curious case of generalized XX0 spin chain
The venue for this talk is the AIMS HALL Building (Cosomology area), 7 Melrose Road
 Tuesday, 13 June
Audace Amen Vioutou Dossou-Olory, Stellenbosch University
On the Maximum Asymptotic Density of Topological d-ary Trees
 Tuesday, 20 June
August Intake Graduation - No Journal Club meeting
 Thursday, 22 June

Dr Mokhwetha Mabula, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Pretoria
Cone Metric and Metric Spaces
Please note that this talk will be on a Thursday.
 Tuesday, 27 June
Zoe Gill, Stellenbosch University and Dr Wilfred Ndifon, AIMS and Stellenbosch University
Mechanistic null models in science: from data to theory and back
 July 2017

 August 2017


2016 Talks

Date  Speaker and Talk
 September  2016  
   6 September  Dr. Rafal Marcin Lochowski, Univeristy of Warsaw
 Irregular paths-between determinism and randomness
 13 September   Mr. Nirina Maurice Hasina Tahiridimbisoa, Wits University, AIMS-SA
 Novel use of symmetry in the AdS/CFT correspondence
 20 September  Dr. Didier Belobo, Yaounde I  University.
'Exact' solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with time management cubic-quintic nonlinearities and external fields : application to Bose-Einstein condensates.
 27 September  Mr. Evans Doe Ocansey,  Research Institute for Symbolic Computations (RISC),   Hagenberg and Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.
Representation of (q)-hypergeometric products and mixed versions in difference rings.
 October 2016   
  4 October  Professor Abdul Kara, University of the Witwatersrand
 The Invariance, Conservation Laws and Integration of Difference Equations
 11 October  Dr.  Siyabonga Chule, AIMS Research Center
  The analysis of the locally - risk minimization hedging strategy for robust  hedging under the informational context of mis-pricing: Computations in the k=1 state space.
 18 October Dr. Juliet Pulliam, SACEMA, Univeristy of Stellenboch
Resource-driven encounters and pathogen invasion dynamics: a case-study in interdisciplinary research and training.
 25 October Dr. Rhoda J Hawkins and Dr. Simon Johnston, University of Sheffield, UK
The role of biopolymers in the immune response to fungal infection.

 November 2016  
  1 November
  8 November Wanele Gcinumuzi, AIMS Research Centrer
Application of Filtering to Calibration of Financial Models
 15 November Siboniso Nqubeko Goba, Univeristy of Stellenboch
Analysing tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency in the burden of tuberculosis in South Africa.
 24 November Dr Marie Joubert and Ingrid Mostert, AIMSSEC
A South African take on an EU project: Formative assessment in mathematics classrooms
 29 November  Dr Amare Abebe, Department of Physics, North-West University
Covariant Consistency Analysis of the Einstein Field Equations in 4th -order Gravity.
 December 2016
  6 December Dr. Theoni Photopoulou, University of Cape Town
Statistical models for animal movement

February-May 2016

Date  Speaker and Talk
 2 February  2016 Yaé Ulrich Gaba, AIMS
Algebraic conditions in the QPM problem 
 9 February Professor Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
Continued fractions and hyperbolic geometry
 16 February Dr Solomon Owerre, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and AIMS 
An introduction to two-dimensional Dirac metal and topological insulators 
 23 February Dr Siyabonga Chule, AIMS
The analysis of hedging approaches in an incomplete financial market model using dynamic programming 

 1 March   Professor Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
Sums of powers of integers 
 3 March
Note: This talk is on a Thursday at 5pm
Dr Stephen M. Wilkins, University of Sussex
Exploring the End of the Dark Ages
* Note that this talk is on a Thursday at 5pm and will be in the Main Lecture Hall 
 8 March  
International Women's Day 
Samantha Jones, University of Cape Town
 15 March   Kossi Etekpo, University of Cape Town and AIMS
Numerical schemes for transport equations in porous media
 22 March   No talk (SANUM on at Stellenbosch)
 31 March
Note: This talk is on a Thursday 
Dr André Saint Eudes Mialebama Bouesso, AIMS and Dr Sylvain Attan, University of Benin 
Syzygies on path algebras

  5 April No talk - system identification workshop on 
 12 April Elia Namundjebo, AIMS 
The Double Heston Model via Kalman Filter 
 14 April
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Pascal Wild, AIMS
What is Topological Data Analysis (TDA)?
Pascal's topological data analysis slides
 19 April Dr Dr Bawfeh Kingsley Kometa, University of Bergen, Norway
High order semi-Lagrangian discontinuous Galerkin methods 
 28 April
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Guy Moïse Dongho Nguimdo, University of the Witwatersrand
Structural stability and solar cell performance of AgInS2 materials 

 3 May No talk - biomaths workshop on 
 10 May Dr Franck Kalala Mutombo, AIMS and University of Lubumbashi 
Centrality measures in complex networks
Franck's centrality talk slides
 17 May  No talk 
 Tuesday, 24 May Grace Mwakyoma, AIMS 
A link between Hofer’s geometry and Aubry-Mather theory 
 Thursday, 26 May 
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Dr Wilfred Ndifon, AIMS
Searching for principles in biological systems
 31 May No talk - MMED workshop on 
 June - August  Recess