Journal Club

The Journal Club meets most Tuesdays. Tea is provided in the venue before the talk. 

Date: Please see dates below.    
Time: usually 4pm (with tea available from 3:30pm) See below for exceptions to this start time
Venue: AIMS Muizenberg, Villa, upstairs seminar room (directions)

 2017 Calendar

 Date  Speaker and Talk
 February  2017  
Thursday, 2  February
Note: this talk is on a Thursday
Prof Jane L Hutton, Department of Statistics, The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
Missing data and how to see biased results
Tuesday, 7  February
Prof Elissa J. Schwartz, Washington State University
Modeling immune system evasion by HIV and similar retroviruses
 14 February
Dr Stefano Galmarini, EC/Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy
Predicting and assessing atmospheric dispersion of pollutants from multiple model results: The power (and danger) of multi-model ensembles
 21 February
Mathematical Finance Summer School on at AIMS
 28 February
Buri Gershom, AIMS and SACEMA 
Differential expression analysis of count data: a  bottom up approach
 March 2017  
  7 March
Venue: AIMS Main Building
Dr Tom Brown, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
An Interdisciplinary View on the Transition to an Energy System Based on Renewables
This talk will be in the AIMS Main Building, 6 Melrose Road.
Dr Tom Brown's talk slides
 14 March
Prof Philibert Nang, Ecole Normale Supérieure of Libreville, Gabon
Introduction to D-modules
 21 March
No talk.  Public Holiday, Human Rights Day.

 28 March
Dr Christian Kenfack Sadem, Mesoscopic and Multilayer Structures Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, University of Dschang, Cameroon
Tunable Potential and Decoherence of Polaron in Semiconductor Quantum Wire
 April 2017  
  4 April
Dr Diptarup Nandi, Indian Institute of Science
Topic TBA
 11 April
Kossi Etekpo, AIMS and UCT
Topic TBA
 18 April
Dr Gaston Kuzamunu Mazandu, AIMS 
Can mathematical sciences change the state of the battle against communicable and non-communicable diseases?
 25 April
Dr Alberto Cazzaniga, AIMS
Topic TBA
 May 2017  
  2 May
Ephifania Geza, AIMS
Topic TBA

  9 May
Dr Bubacarr Bah,  AIMS
Topic TBA
 16 May
Prof Elissa J. Schwartz, Washington State University
Free-virus and cell-to-cell transmission in models of equine infectious anemia virus infection
 23 May
Prof Robert Smith?, The University of Ottawa
Unexpected infection spikes in a model of Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccination
 30 May
Dr Nantsoina Cynthia Ramiharimanana​, AIMS
Topic TBA

2016 Talks

Date  Speaker and Talk
 September  2016  
   6 September  Dr. Rafal Marcin Lochowski, Univeristy of Warsaw
 Irregular paths-between determinism and randomness
 13 September   Mr. Nirina Maurice Hasina Tahiridimbisoa, Wits University, AIMS-SA
 Novel use of symmetry in the AdS/CFT correspondence
 20 September  Dr. Didier Belobo, Yaounde I  University.
'Exact' solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with time management cubic-quintic nonlinearities and external fields : application to Bose-Einstein condensates.
 27 September  Mr. Evans Doe Ocansey,  Research Institute for Symbolic Computations (RISC),   Hagenberg and Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.
Representation of (q)-hypergeometric products and mixed versions in difference rings.
 October 2016   
  4 October  Professor Abdul Kara, University of the Witwatersrand
 The Invariance, Conservation Laws and Integration of Difference Equations
 11 October  Dr.  Siyabonga Chule, AIMS Research Center
  The analysis of the locally - risk minimization hedging strategy for robust  hedging under the informational context of mis-pricing: Computations in the k=1 state space.
 18 October Dr. Juliet Pulliam, SACEMA, Univeristy of Stellenboch
Resource-driven encounters and pathogen invasion dynamics: a case-study in interdisciplinary research and training.
 25 October Dr. Rhoda J Hawkins and Dr. Simon Johnston, University of Sheffield, UK
The role of biopolymers in the immune response to fungal infection.

 November 2016  
  1 November
  8 November Wanele Gcinumuzi, AIMS Research Centrer
Application of Filtering to Calibration of Financial Models
 15 November Siboniso Nqubeko Goba, Univeristy of Stellenboch
Analysing tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency in the burden of tuberculosis in South Africa.
 24 November Dr Marie Joubert and Ingrid Mostert, AIMSSEC
A South African take on an EU project: Formative assessment in mathematics classrooms
 29 November  Dr Amare Abebe, Department of Physics, North-West University
Covariant Consistency Analysis of the Einstein Field Equations in 4th -order Gravity.
 December 2016
  6 December Dr. Theoni Photopoulou, University of Cape Town
Statistical models for animal movement

February-May 2016

Date  Speaker and Talk
 2 February  2016 Yaé Ulrich Gaba, AIMS
Algebraic conditions in the QPM problem 
 9 February Professor Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
Continued fractions and hyperbolic geometry
 16 February Dr Solomon Owerre, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and AIMS 
An introduction to two-dimensional Dirac metal and topological insulators 
 23 February Dr Siyabonga Chule, AIMS
The analysis of hedging approaches in an incomplete financial market model using dynamic programming 

 1 March   Professor Alan F. Beardon, University of Cambridge and AIMS
Sums of powers of integers 
 3 March
Note: This talk is on a Thursday at 5pm
Dr Stephen M. Wilkins, University of Sussex
Exploring the End of the Dark Ages
* Note that this talk is on a Thursday at 5pm and will be in the Main Lecture Hall 
 8 March  
International Women's Day 
Samantha Jones, University of Cape Town
 15 March   Kossi Etekpo, University of Cape Town and AIMS
Numerical schemes for transport equations in porous media
 22 March   No talk (SANUM on at Stellenbosch)
 31 March
Note: This talk is on a Thursday 
Dr André Saint Eudes Mialebama Bouesso, AIMS and Dr Sylvain Attan, University of Benin 
Syzygies on path algebras

  5 April No talk - system identification workshop on 
 12 April Elia Namundjebo, AIMS 
The Double Heston Model via Kalman Filter 
 14 April
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Pascal Wild, AIMS
What is Topological Data Analysis (TDA)?
Pascal's topological data analysis slides
 19 April Dr Dr Bawfeh Kingsley Kometa, University of Bergen, Norway
High order semi-Lagrangian discontinuous Galerkin methods 
 28 April
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Guy Moïse Dongho Nguimdo, University of the Witwatersrand
Structural stability and solar cell performance of AgInS2 materials 

 3 May No talk - biomaths workshop on 
 10 May Dr Franck Kalala Mutombo, AIMS and University of Lubumbashi 
Centrality measures in complex networks
Franck's centrality talk slides
 17 May  No talk 
 Tuesday, 24 May Grace Mwakyoma, AIMS 
A link between Hofer’s geometry and Aubry-Mather theory 
 Thursday, 26 May 
Note: This talk is on a Thursday
Dr Wilfred Ndifon, AIMS
Searching for principles in biological systems
 31 May No talk - MMED workshop on 
 June - August  Recess