Welcome to AIMS-Tanzania Course Notes and Informations

Informations about the new academic year 2016-17 courses work and projects of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Tanzania (AIMS-Tanzania) are found in this site.

Here you can find the course outlines and informations of each courses as the respective lecturers choose to maintain them. These notes might be in flux, limited to internal access at AIMS-Tanzania, or access to solutions restricted at times while the students work on projects. If you look at the URL of most course page, the link includes the e-mail address of the relevant visiting lecturer, should you wish to contact them.

The detailed and fluctuation course timetable is also embedded bearing in mind that the order of the courses can change as and when necessary. 

For any information please do contact AIMS-Tanzania Rector, Prof. Mark Roberts

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Notes from the Rector

"We are pleased to bring the  AIMS model to Tanzania. We bring together top global scholars in math and science to teach and research with Africa’s brightest students”. Our graduates then use these skills to tackle African development issues ranging from disease prevention to environmental degradation, education and poverty. 

AIMS graduates have a broad-based training and are talented problem solvers and innovators, which is just what this continent needs.”