Bernadette Faye
Ph.D Student in Analytic Number Theory.

OWSD Fellow

Ph.D Project: Diophantine Equations with arithmetics functions and binary recurrent sequences.


  • Pr. Florian Luca, Wits University Johannesburg
  • Pr. Djiby Sow, UCAD Senegal


I am actually under the  co-supervision  of the Pr. Florian Luca and the  Pr. Djiby Sow. I am enrolled as a Ph.D student at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, at the doctoral school of mathematics and computer sciences, at the faculty of sciences and technology in a dual degree with Wits University in Johannesburg. My interests are Linear recurrent sequences and Diophantine equations.

The objective of this project is to continue the line of research  concerning Diophantine equations of the form:

                                        φ(aUn) = bVm.

where a and b are positives integers and {Un} and {Vm} are reccurent sequences.

One such task would be to solve the Diophantine equation:

                                  φ(Xn − 1) = Xm − 1

in positive integers X ≥ 2, m and n.