Digital marketing also goes by the name "new media marketing", "internet marketing", "online marketing" and for noobs it may sound like something that's hard to learn or understand. Learning the newest way to market your products/services cannot be learned overnight. It takes a lot of reading, practice and the best way to learn it is to DO IT!

This is a growing resource guide. I say growing because there is definitely nothing permanent nor "set" in the world of digital marketing. Things keep moving, so you have to keep swimming or you'll sink to the bowels of the past. This resource guide is also not meant to spoonfeed you into learning. As mentioned earlier, the best way to learn digital marketing is by reading and practicing it. Don't just sit there and read, keep clicking the mouse and hop from one link to the other. And don't forget to interact with other digital marketers as well.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as the term infers is largely the act of promoting products and services through digital means (i.e. the internet, through mobile etc.). The scope can beĀ  overwhelming, so for purpose of learning a trade, I'm limiting this guide to marketing done through the internet.

Unlike traditional marketing, new media marketing is known to be (supposedly) unobtrusive and allows marketers to pull in consumers to try/buy their products and services. It also leans a lot on the "long tail effect", thereby allowing even very niche businesses to promote their products and services online.

The first step you have to take to understand fully what marketing online is to drop the notion that you are directing your efforts to the masses and that you are speaking to a specific age demographic. That is totally passe in the realm of the internet.

The second step to take is to drop what your professor taught you in marketing 101. Knowing the age demographic of your target marketing is NOT ENOUGH. What works here is profiling your target market properly. Profiling then allows you to know what your market likes reading, watching or what passions they like pursuing online.

And lastly, an open mind and thinking out of the box is what will make you a distinct new-age marketer.


Google Apps Guide

Search Marketing

Blog Marketing

Information Research Tracking Tools

*Kindly note that the individual pages are a work in progress

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Suggested Book Readings

The Search by John Batelle
The Google Story by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed
The Long Tail by Chris Anderson