Blogging is one of the most exciting and personal online

Blog Marketing

Blogging has been a buzzword for quite sometime now. The Social Media Usage Study (2008) of Universal McCann claims that worldwide 67.5% of active internet users read blogs and 38.7% have started a weblog. This translates to about 346 million blog readers and 184 bloggers worldwide. The study also claims that in the Philippines 65.8% of active internet users read blogs, while 4.8% have started a weblog.

Blogs became known as a personal online diary, but it has since evolved to become a way for people (individuals or groups) to post content online. From the simple online journal, blogging has become a way for people to share their thoughts and opinions (and news) about a wide aray of topics. I would think there is a blog for any imaginable niche. If there's none for your passion, then start one!

To marketers blogging is indeed a new avenue they can try out to promote their products and services. A word of caution though to marketers - you cannot control what bloggers will say about you and your product in their blogs. This course aims to explain to the marketer the basics of blogging and how you can possibly integrate it within your marketing campaigns.

Blog Marketing

Course Outline

Introduction to Blogging
  • What is a Blog?
    • Blog Defined
    • Parts/Features of a blog
  • How did it start?
    • History of Blogging
    • Blogging in the Philippines
  • Types of Blog
  • How to blog?
  • Getting your blog noticed
  • Ranking Blogs         
    • How do you know if a blog is popular or effective?
    • How to rank Blogs?
  • Overview of this trend
    • How social networking sites figures out in marketing online

Blog Marketing
  • A new approach to Marketing
    • Blog Marketing Defined
    • Online Reputation Management
  • How to utilize blogging for your business
    • Creating your business' blog
      • advantages of starting business blog
      • promoting blogs
    • Advertising through bloggers
      • tips for blog advertising
Blogging Policies
  • Ethics of blogging