TALK64 chess software with speech

First of its kind in the world (Specially designed for the blind)

TALK64 is only complete chess software available for the blind. This is the only full featured chess software in the world having complete speech support, the sound AlterNet to display. The features like speech support, user friendly interface, engine plug-in architecture, multiple language support, synthesizer plug-in architecture, useful for sighted or blind, child or adult, beginner or advance level player, fun loving or professional chess player and access through key board makesTALK64 unique in the world. Following are some of the important features of TALK64.

TALK64 provides three modes for the user
  • Player’s vs Engine
  • Engine vs Engine
  • Edit game

Style and Level of play
TALK64 has multiple engines support. User can select any player from the list provided by the software. These players have different style and level of play. Hence user can enjoy and practice with different engines having different strengths and levels of play.

Engine plug-in architecture
User can attach multiple engines to this software which is freely available on internet. This feature makes TALK64 more powerful and versatile. This gives user more options for playing against different level of engines.

Access through key board and mouse
ALL MOST ALL THE PROFFESSIONALCHESS SOFTWARE PRESENTLY AVELEBLE IN THE MARKET PROVIDE ACCESS OF SCREEN ONLY THROUGH MOUSE. TALK64 provides screen access through mouse as well as key board which helps several users who prefers to use key board for giving inputs, such as blind person.

User friendly interface
One of the most important feature of TALK64 is it’s user friendly interface. Keeping in mind different requirements of users, we have kept the interface as simple as possible. WE have provided single key shortcut keys for all the important output which is required by user during play. User can access all the features of TALK64 without the support of help file all most all the time. With little bit of computer knowledge any user can use this software very easily. This is the most user friendly chess software in the world having powerful and complex features.

Useful for all type of players
TALK64 is useful for all level of players from beginner to professional chess player. Feature like Chatter makes the game more enjoyable that user can play the game for fun also.
This means anybody who loves to play chess can make use of TALK64 in spite of having limitation like blindness.

Speech during play
This is the most important feature of TALK64, makes this software unique in the world. This feature has been provided specially for the blind user. There is couple of chess software gives speech but they only announce the moves. Even with the help of screen reader Blind user can not use these software’s. But TALK64 gives all the output in sound. Using aero keys user can navigate through all the 64 squares and get the information related to that square and chess piece. User can get the information in speech of clocked time, rows, columns, menus and all the information displayed on the screen.
User can switch on or off this feature as per his requirement, such as a sighted person does not required speech output because he can see the screen and get all the information from display unit.

Synthesizer plug-in architecture
This important feacher provides user a option to use any TTS as per his/her choice. User can use any TTS having MS speech 5.1 support.

This feature provides lot of fun during play. You can feel that you are playing with a human being. This feature provides lot of entertainment and fun and can be enjoyed by the children as well as adult. This feature also can be switch on or off as per requirement.

Talk64 has database of 1,00,000 games. User can study the Opening, Middle game, End game Opening traps through this feature.User gets multiple lever filtering to find the appropriate list of the games. Database also has games of former world champions.

Other important features are:
Player’s profile, Playing options(Blids, rapid and tournament), Save game, Load game, Load position, Edit game, Edit position, Analyze game, Hints, Flip board, Different chess notations, Accepting and declining offers -Board review
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