Student School Service

School Community Council (SCC)
The School Community Council has a key role in designing and implementing ʻAhuimanuʻs Academic and Financial Plan to improve student achievement. Students, parents, community members, teachers, staff and administration have representatives on the SCC.

School Safety Committee
Student Council representatives are active participants in the ʻĀhuimanu School Safety Committee who work to maintain a safe, healthy, and attractive school campus environment. Members meet quarterly to review data on school health/safety issues and to plan for needed improvements.

Junior Police Officers (JPO)
Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students help to monitor traffic safety. They monitor the traffic at the intersection, parking lot, and on the upper campus. They are responsible for raising and lowering the flag each day.

Library Monitors
Students in grades 4-6 assist the librarian with daily library tasks. Such as, shelving books and preparing library resources for use. They help plan and organize school and community activities that promote literacy.

Student Mediators (SHAPERS)
Students in grades 4-6 help teachers at recess periods using conflict resolution strategies. After completing mediation training, the shapers work with the younger students in resolving minor problems during recess.

Ahuimanu Kidsʻ News Team
Fifth and sixth grade students help to produce the ʻĀhuimanu Kidsʻ News show that is broadcast school-wide on our closed-circuit TV system. The students learn to be reporters, writers and producers. Students also collaborate on multimedia projects.

Cafeteria Service
On a rotational basis, students from grades 4-6 help to serve lunch. They provide a great service to the school.