Welcome to Your Agoura High School Parent Faculty Club

At Agoura High School, parents are a valued part of a great and honored tradition of academic excellence, athletic championships and, most importantly, family commitment. Our mission is to support Agoura High School students, teachers and administrators with the much needed financial support both in the classroom, science labs, art studios, field trips and now virtual classroom resources.

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented and challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that the community follow the orders to stay home and continue the diligent practice of washing hands and surfaces.  Please continue to check the Agoura High School website and Las Virgenes Unified School District for the most up to date information on COVID-19 and community resources available during these difficult times.

We encourage our community to remember that while you can’t control many things about this crisis, you can control your reactions. While it’s natural to react with sadness and fear, we encourage you to choose creativity, enthusiasm and passion.  Throughout history, it is often the greatest hardships that lead to the greatest achievements in science, business, the arts and life.

Each week the PFC will be hosting a Virtual Coffee with AHS Administrators to share the current information about the distance learning and the roadmap to reopen our campus.   Click here to receive the Zoom meeting information and previous meeting presentation notes. 

Be sure to continue to check the LVUSD website for updates in addition to many resources available to our families. School lunches are continuing to be provided Monday through Friday for students and donations are welcomed. 


Working together is what this community does best and we are stronger for it.  Hang in there everyone and please continue to keep our frontline and first responder parents in your thoughts. 

Stay safe and healthy and be strong,

Kim Tosi Hamilton & Allison Geld
AHS PFC Co - Presidents


The PFC is proud to publish the AHSPFC eNews. This email newsletter comes out most weekends during the school year and monthly over the summer primary vehicle of communication with our parents. It contains all the latest PFC news as well as information on school events, calendar reminders, and volunteer opportunities. 

To become a member of our eNews family, simply click the button to the left and join our mailing list.

If you are a PFC Committee or Booster Club chair, and you would like to submit an article for publication in the eNews or on this website, please follow these guidelines found by visiting the Submission Guidelines Section. To learn more about how you can have a sponsorship block in the eNews please visit the eNews Sponsorship Form or, contact Laura Ohannessian.


Every dollar raised goes directly to AHS to help each and every student. Thank you for your support.  We provide many easy ways for you to support your school. Visit the Fundraising page to find out more.
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Agoura High School: A California Distinguished School and IB World School

Meeting Dates

Join Principal McClay, administrators and parents and be a vital part of Agoura High school community. During the COVID-19 our meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays posted in the eNews. (No meetings in December or June.) Below are the final meetings dates until the end of school.

We are working on the school 2020-21 calendar and will post shortly.

May 20, 2020

May 27, 2020
June 3, 2020

2018/19 PFC Board and Chairs

Executive Board
Kim Tosi Hamilton & Allison Geld

1st VP-Volunteer Coordinators
Laurel Bernt
Lisa Gelb

2nd VP-Membership
Marilou Ambrosio


Daryl Albus
Svea Knabe

Susan Kindelt

Asst Treasurer
Tami Hathaway
Susan Nathanson
Michelle Dahl-Hill
SAT /ACT Representative

Recording Secretary
Bonnie Latham Lyon
Every 15 Minutes

Corresponding Secretary
Laura Ohannessian

Parent Education


Our Mission

The purpose of the PFC is to support and enhance the educational process at Agoura High School. The money we raise goes directly to the needs of our classrooms and our campus. PFC parent volunteers work with our faculty and administrators to help enrich the educational experience of all students.

For parents, high school is the last chance to become involved in your child’s everyday activities and education. We urge you to attend our monthly meetings, which are extremely informative and well-attended. We welcome your participation.

The PFC is the ONLY organization within the school to raise money that goes directly into the classrooms. Your donations provide equipment for the science labs, projectors, core literature books, computers and more.

We strive to further the education and welfare of our children, and we are your line of communication between school and home. To find out how you can support our efforts, please visit our fundraising page.