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Level 3 Performance Tasks

Sound Editors

Audacity-A free sound editor

Audacity Plug Ins

The levelator

Juice- Pod Feed Catcher

Juice Video Tutorial

Blog Information



Terminology Sites


Podcast glossary

Copyright Information

Creative Commons

Copyright Information 

Don't download that Song by Weird Al

Creating Podcasts

CNet-Create your podcast

Create Your Own Podcast

How to Podcast

Make Your First Podcast

Podcasting Tools

Secrets of Podcasting

About- Step by Step Tutorial

Podcasting Sites/Info


Odeo -Podcasting Channel

Pod Feed

Podcast Central

Podcast Pickel

Podcasting News

Podcast Net

Pod-o-matic -A place to create and post your own podcast. You may even use their mixer to add music loops with out an audio mixer.

Storyboard Information

Storyboard Template

Other Templates

Podcast Review Sheet

 Free Music and Sounds

Absolute Sound Effects

Free Play Music

Partners in Rhyme

Royality Free Music/Sounds-obtain royalty-free clips etc

Podcasting Related Tutorials

 Atomic Learning

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Class Podcasts

Podcasting Assignments

1.       Create and up load to the Internet five podcasts. 



30 seconds

Create a Commercial



1 minute

Do a Review (song, movie, other)



2 minutes

How To…(Your choice)



3 minutes

Tell a Story or recite poetry



5 minutes

Your Choice


These Podcasts must include:

·         Detailed story boards

·         Audience determination (include with story board)

·         Introduction

·         Effects (music, sounds, fades, others)

·         Closing/ending

·         Researched based  (if podcast is informational)

·         Bibliographies

2.      Review five good podcasts sites and write a paragraph (on each podcast) about what made these good podcasting sites and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.  Install Juice and use Juice as your podcatcher for listening to Podcasts. 

3.       Review five bad podcasts sites and write a paragraph (on each podcast )about what made these bad podcasting sites and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog. 4.       Complete the podcast Terminology.

5.       Subscribe to three or more Postcasting RSS feeds and write a weekly ½ page blog about the podcast.  There should be at least six postings to the Avanti Podcasting Blog.  The following are some thoughts to consider:

            ·         Was the podcast easy to follow?  Why

·         Who was the intended audience and why

·         Was the information useful? Why?

·         Post on the Internet

·         Other.

6.       Research copyright issues and how copyright relates to podcasting.  Look at the creative commons site and choose one of the following:

·         Write a one page paper (500 words) on copyright and how it pertains to podcasting.

·         Create a podcast on copyright and explain how copyright is changing and how it pertains to podcasting.

Remember to include your resources in MLA format.

7.     Research what makes a good podcast and create a podcasting best practices top 10 list.   Include a bibliography of your five websites in MLA format and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.

8.  Research the tools needed for podcasting and the costs associated with those tools and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.

9.       Write a paper, (500 words) about how podcasting has or is changing society.  Is this good?  Bad?  Why and what every else you think may be important. 

10.    Use two or more technology tools (audacity and  your  

       choice) to create podcast

11.   Research and evaluate a new product (audio player or software for podcasting) and blog or podcast about your findings and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.  Be specific and detailed. 

12.   Research good podcasting sites (researched based or podcast information) to be included on the Avanti Podcasting Web page and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.  Complete the podcast review sheet.

13.   Describe personal consequences of inappropriate use of tools and resources as it relates to podcasting and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog.

14.  Research radio broadcasting careers on WOIS or another other career web sites.  Write a 500 word paper about radio and include pay, outlook, training, skills and what ever other information you think is important.

15.   Write a one page Reflection Paper (500 words) about the podcasting process and post on the Avanti  Podcasting Blog. 

·         What did you learn? 

·         What would you do differently,

·         What would you keep the same?

·         Other