Web Page Design


Web Page Design Assignments

Design a five plus web page on a topic of your choice.  This web site is to include:

  • Navigation bar/Menu
  • Graphics
  • Links to web pages and/or documents
  • Anchors
  • An Introductory Podcast
  • Web 2 tool
  • Blog
  • Another item (or more) of your choice that you think will be useful on your site.
  1. Research 5 good web sites and write a paragraph about what made the site good in your opinion.
  2. Research 5 bad web sites and write a paragraph about what made the site bad in your opinion.
  3. Research Web design from at least 5 different sites and create a web design best practices top 15 list.  Include your bibliography of your five web sites in MLA format.
  1. Complete the Terminology for Web Design
  2. Research web accessibility from at least three different sites and create a web accessibility best practices top 10 list.  Include your bibliography of your three accessibility web sites in MLA format.
  3. Determine who your audience will be.  How will your page be suited towards this audience? (Complete the Client information sheet to set a tone for your page.)
  4. Create a story board (map) of how your web page is going to be laid out and what kind of information will be included on this web page.
  5. Research copyright issues and how copyright relates web pages.  
    • Look at the Creative Commons site and decide how your site should be copy-righted.  Explain
    • Explain what copy-right is and why it is important.
  1. Use a digital camera and scanner and incorporate at least two pictures form each into your web page.
  2. Incorporate and Import pictures from a graphics program (Picasa, Photo shop, Picnik or other) and use the basic features of the graphics program. 
  3. Complete a design review (hand out) and write a one page paper that includes what you would keep the same on your web page and what you would change.
  4. Write a one page paper on how the Internet and Web pages have changed society.  Is this good?  Bad?  Why and what ever else you think may be important.
  5.  Write a one page reflection about this whole photography project.  Include what you enjoyed, what you would change, what was difficult, what was interesting and what ever else you would like to include.
  6. Create a Web Design portfolio and include all your assignments in the portfolio.  Your portfolio can be in digital or hard copy format.