Avanti Career and Technical Education (CTE)


Career Choices, Graphic Communications (Tech) and Tech Prep

 Instructor:  Brenda Diettrich

Graphic Communications and Career Choices Classes

Every student chooses a Learning Plan which includes a start date, a target date and a list of all the assignments the student needs to finish in order to complete the learning plan and earn credit.  The credit amount for most CTE learning plans is .25 (1/4 credit) and should take about three weeks to complete.

Each Graphic Communications or Careers Choices learning plan is tailored to the student’s interests, current knowledge, and experience in a technology or careers area.   Students are encouraged to explore, learn new skills and study future careers they are interested in

Work Site Learning

Students who have a job and would like to receive credit for working must complete the Work Site Learning Plan.  The work site learning plan is a .25 credit and must be finished in order to get credit for the student's working hours.  Every 90 hours of employment equates to a .25 credit. 

Senior Portfolio

The Senior Portfolio is one of the requirements for graduation from the Olympia School District.  Students begin to develop their portfolio in their freshman year.  This compilation of artifacts includes a variety of items such as a resume, a sample job application, state test scores, a high school transcript, career research, college research, awards/honors and a variety of selections from their best high school work.  During their senior year, students will present their portfolio as part of their senior project/presentation.

This class allows students to complete their senior portfolio and  presentation with guidance and support in class.

Tech Prep (College Credit course)

Students can also earn college credit by taking tech prep classes.  The current Tech Prep classes offered are:  keyboarding (2 college credits), PowerPoint, (2 college credits) and Word (4 college credits).

  Avanti Robotics!

Careers and Tech Classes Currently offered:
Applied Math
Career Choices (many learning plan options)
Computer Hardware (an Avanti Business)
Digital Photography
Digital Video
Senior Portfolio
Web Design
Work Site Leaning (for students who have jobs)
*Other Learning Plans by request

Tech Prep College Credit Classes
Digital Communication Tool (2 college credits, keyboarding)
Power Point (2 College Credits)
Word (4 College Credits)

Brenda Diettrich can be contacted by e-mail at  badiettrich@osd.wednet.edu or leave a message in the office at 360-596-7900. 
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