Each Arts student will keep a sketchbook/journal


What?  (do I keep in my sketchbook)

Ø Sketchbook assignments (will be posted)

Ø Handouts and new vocabulary

Ø Study drawings (actual objects)

Ø Research drawings

Ø Reflections, thoughts, ideas (journal entries)

Ø Poetry, brainstorms

Ø Photos (snapshots, magazine), clippings

Ø Color charts and resources

Ø Tracings

Ø Doodles



Ø Improve your observational skills

Ø Spend time sharpening your drawing skills (minimum: 2 hours a week)

Ø Record thoughts and ideas

Ø Develop ideas for arts projects

Ø Revise and refine your ideas


How? (do I get the most from my sketchbook)

Ø Make drawing a part of your daily routine

Ø Relax and draw what you see

Ø Challenge yourself (don’t repeat the same character or design)

Ø Fill the page

Ø Practice and experiment with new ideas and concepts

Ø Draw on one side of the page

Ø Work when and where you can focus and concentrate



Keep all your pages and sign date and title each sketch