Artist Statement

Artist Statement




§  An artists statement accompanies the artist’s work,  job application, portfolio, or an exhibit

§  Helps the audience understand the artist and their work


What? (do I include in my statement)

Here are some ideas for the content of your statement

§  How art affects your life

§  The process you use to create your work

§  What artworks have influenced you

§  Why you like what you like

§  How you get ideas for your work

§  What media you work with and why

§  Where your ideas originate

§  Interesting stories behind your work

§  How or why you became an artist

§  What issues influence your work

§  Your intentions behind your work

§  Where you are in your artistic development

§  Your goals in the field

§  Personal interested reflected in your work






§  Create a draft and have it reviewed by the teacher

§  Revise and hand in for suggestions

§  Write your final statement

                    Double space


Limit: one page