Art Classes Offered




Career and Technical Education


         Commercial Art is an occupation concerned with designing and promoting products or services. Avanti students will create their own art products, develop a business around their products and promote them at the Avanti Student Showcase.

         Students will also provide service to the school in a variety of ways…logo design, posters, bulletin boards etc.


Classes offered:                 

·      Painting- choose from these mediums; acrylic, watercolor, water soluble oils

·      Drawing- pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, chalk

·      Design- choose a variety of media or computer design

·      Pottery-both hand built or the wheel

·      Photography-black and white processing or digital with computer manipulation (Students need permission from the teacher)

·      Jewelry- silver fabrication

·      Glass-both stained glass or fused glass

·      Printmaking- screen printing or linoleum block

·      Airbrush- basic skills, freehand and frisket stencil (Students need permission from the teacher)

·      Art Studio- for advanced (Students need permission from the teacher)


ü Students will keep a sketchbook, keep a record of supplies/materials  used and evaluate each project.


ü Project evaluations will include a written statement and a photograph of the art piece (e-mailed to the teacher) .