an unusual experiment in progress



There are many ways to be genuine and

authentic, show compassion and

mutual respect irrespective of beliefs or practices.

The Ahmahaa provides us with psychological and

spiritual tools to help us negotiate, personally

and socially, the shadows between the absolutes

of YES and NO, the Black or White. This

enables us to deal with the complexities of

modern life being manifested at any time and in


 very sharing moment. 

Our awareness of the flow of these instant and constant changing
"now moment- by-moment communications"form

the subconscious as well as our conscious building blocks and interactions. According to research, up to 90% of our

communications are subconscious.

As friends/people become more intimately acquainted and get to know each others patterns of thinking and reactions,

the split-moment impression can make all the difference between a ‘yes’, a ‘no’ or the ‘uncertain’ in the flow of communication.

Key Now-moments, can in split second cast us into the Negative, Positive or Neutral. For some, no amount of reasoning can

bring an urgent required shift, for the 'this very  immediate situation not to get out of hand and create negative ripples.

Something else other than words-language needs on the spot to come into play now and here.

 The Ahmahaa through its techniques, practices and meditations addresses these 3 split-second modes where our normal

language cannot be effective enough. These 'nano blink-of-an-eye powerful impressions' and/or reactions coming from

within and outside of us, can at any moment make or break communication.

As we can see, a blink-of-an-eye experience can transport us into another dimension and communication space. Our

cultivated group/community culture serves as the sustainable backdrop to all these constant fluctuating energies.


We influence language and our language impacts on us. When we individually and collectively become too unbalanced language

looses its fundamental power to connect. It then can easily become a tool for hypocrisy, division, fragmentation and alienation

within us and in our relationships

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For many of us, the highest priority in our lives is to learn to "get back to the essentials of communication and learn to grow".

In the Ahmahaa, this  means the realization of our potential within our communal framework.This will help us deal with the

prevailing moral and ethical issues such as, the pressing effects of global warming and energy depletion.

As well, a cohesive group or community of good friends, can be our greatest plus and immediate aid in our personal

and relationship issues.


We open up boundaries to reconnect and realign with these basics (good friends and community).

To this end we use 3 techniques which help forge a certain vibe/culture (please

see the 3 alignment techniques)

Our techniques are  hands-on-experience approach. They point to and address the emotional undercurrents of this very
relational moment and the ripples it creates through these constant flow of impressions, thoughts coming from within and
outside of ourselves. In this flow, especially the key micro negatives,  not sufficiently addressed, create  chemical reactions
in our body and mind, accumulate and sooner or later affect our well being. Our normal lingual ways of communication, for
some of us, do not afford sufficient on the spot emotional release and/or expression. Here Ahmahaa techniques come into play.

These methods, in one form or another are universally practiced, however in our framework, they are applied uniquely and are linked to personal expressions such as the tone of our voice, movements, facial expressions etc.

 In the Ahmahaa we use them in a more grounded way, mainly for the purpose of communication in relationships i.e.; how we connect the personal and instinctive with the wider psychological and spiritual communal culture/vibe.

A single blink of an eye sensation can at once produce very positive or negative triggers in an individual. Such  nuanced key nano-events and impressions work on different emotional/psychological levels.

These imprints, up to a point, are open to analysis, discussion and intellectual identification. However such dissections need to be followed by immediate psychological actions where, the talker and the talked about, the observer and the observed, the particle and wave slide in to a different communication dynamic. This dynamic tunes in into the implied and subconscious aspect of our communications, where our verbal responses and reactions, in the prevailing overall complexity, cannot be only  intellectually
blurted out, just talking about anything and constantly projecting as if things are are basically out there, and this has nothing to do with me. We live and are our relationships and it is a small world nowadays. The emotional underpinnings and undercurrents need to be there to be felt and dealt with.  Not just pumped in and out of data and information comes into play but also our very personal. In such a dynamic, words and ordinary language are not effective enough and even hinder communication among friends who are familiar with each other.

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Here the Ahmahaa, with its practices and meditations, can greatly help.

In this dynamic, at any point in time during our normal verbal

interactions, we have to be able to indicate where, more or less, we emotionally

and psychologically stand, and do this without using our normal language.

Such a dynamic can be acted out in a framework where friends 

have learned to read
each other, without having a need for further  careful

reasoning or intellectual examination and talking as if "it is out there".

In the Ahmahaa, we build up a personal and communal cache of chosen imagery, sounds, gestures, facial expressions, movements, etc.,

that symbolize certain states of mind. These form communication markers that help stabilize and balance out negative impressions coming

from within us or during our interactions with others. As well, these can raise and enhance our vibrations at the appropriate time.

We become more attentive to this relational moment within our community social dynamics and culture. They create meaning for ourselves

and our friends.

This helps us make a vibe/wave which can be picked up from each other without resorting too much to our conscious will or for that matter,

to a strict routine  of
practices or a rigid set of dos and don'ts.

In the past, normal interactions worked on a slower pace. Nowadays it’s more about nuanced ‘mouse click’ moments and interactions

impacting on our subconscious reactions, more than on our conscious will.

When we, with ease can move between out thinking into our ongoing 'pulsating connectivity, we cannot help think/feel in relational

ways i.e particle=wave, wave=particle.

Our proactive instant steps complement mindful awareness cultivated in sitting or walking meditation and other more structured kinds

of practices and meditations.

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The Ahmahaa can be very simple and childlike--using a genuine smile, a

gesture, a voice  texture and tone, an exclamation, eye contact, etc. These, in an instant, can indicate

disagreement, alienation or connectivity.

Regardless of beliefs and dogmas, these simple signs can show connection much

better than merely 'talking about the situation'.

This educational approach, which can begin at childhood, is what the Ahmahaa is all about.

Such Mouse-Click personal  Nano-level interactions and realignments become

part of the circulating vibe.

At play here is a split second experiential psychology, where an

'objective reasoning language' becomes almost ineffective,  even can be

obstructing to this very experience of a ' Personal Now-Connecting-moment'.

A more personalized instant blink-of-an-eye communication, is the foremost

priority and is vital for those of us with relationship issues, and are lacking  a

cohesive family or community. The Mahamee, spontaneous and often morphing

into artistic expression or interactions, can be complemented with more

structured background kinds of meditations and practices.

The rest of our website is, more-or-less, an explanation of the above.

At times, on this website, too many or complex words are used.

Trying to stick to 'perfect correct grammatical' English.... toiling to

explain well in structured writing such staples .... is often

counter productive, because ordinary language can greatly

weaken or block  our spontaneous and "foolish childlike heart" and the way it chooses to instantly respond...

Therefore, is it always necessary to follow the 'politically correct', and

alienating structures of our 'normal language' or, for that matter,

our everyday intellect? 

When needed, in the Ahmahaa framework, we can get around these



The Ahmahaa association seeks to establish small

independent, online and on the ground

communities, either in the urban or countryside settings,

to begin experimenting with this new and different

communication approach.

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