What is the Ahmahaa experiential psychology?

The Teachings  

of Kwan and Hatamo


an unusual experiment in progress

 more on what the Ahmahaa Ecological perception - parapsychology - is about.

It's about a new kind of relationship


It is a process of enhancing personal

and social communications within the Ahmahaa

collective framework.

This is achieved with the help of

personal and socially interactive techniques

or practices, shaping the

Ahmahaa Community Spirit.

    Moving away from the "Me Focus"
and more to the "Us Focus"--
    Sharpening our attention on this very

To do this we use two complementing choices:

a) Individual and group techniques and meditations.

b)The group communal culture/vibe/spirit.

Those of us who more easily can feel a vibe may not need to resort too much to set practices and meditation; 

however these can be of great help to restore personal and social balance.

Our individual/group practices and meditations involve a 3 pronged approach:

a) Cultivating a visual sustainable background through the practice of visualization.

b) Using a secular non religious mantra as sound symbols in communication.

c)  Creating a personal and group Archetypal image that integrates the positive, neutral and negative aspects of ourselves.

The 3 main techniques are:

The Haamee, The Haama, The Imme

The essence of these  and other Ahmahaa practices is to help
us transform lower energies through release and/or enhancement techniques (Haamee),
visualization(Imme) and the secular mantra (Haama).

These in an instant, can shift us from the personal instinctive ‘reactive verbal communication’ to the overall
communal vibrational culture. Such a sensitive flexible culture can register the subtle fluctuations between its members and sense unbearable shocks to its communal/group cultural body as well as balance these out.When an individual and community are open to 'the circulating vibe', the 'me right and you wrong' take on a different dimension where the community vibe becomes the first priority. All our personal or communal practices and meditations have a relational collective aspect.


the release and/or enhancing practice

The first and immediate challenge a newcomer to this association may encounter is the Haamee practice.

This practice introduces a newcomer to the spontaneous intuitive and instinctive  aspect of the Ahmahaa.

The Haamee is the gateway to the more structured Haama, Imme, and other more methodical  background practice which are linked and compliment each other.

The Haamee deals with the moment-by-moment intuitive spontaneous interactions among our members. It help us momentarily shift away from linear purpose oriented talking and the trance that verbal communication creates. It is vital to our chemistry and relationships.

Thus we enter into a primal communication mode, where we can relate in gestures, facial expressions, gibberish, gibbelish, eye contact, movements, dance and song, and other creative manners. Through such an instant linking to our individual and communal subconscious and unconscious, we become personal without the need to box feelings or conflicts in words and language. This helps us to become more fluid in our communications, become more simple and childlike. As well it serves as an instant release mechanism and addressing arising perceptions, energy blockages and also, resolving these on a more vibrational level. This technique/practice, easily is available to a newcomer who is open enough to sensing vibes among Ahmahaa members. Such kinds of interactions always are accompanied by set communal communication markers.

The Haama,

the secular mantra

Revolves around a flexible non-religious "mantra" that represents 3 states of mind which can be practiced in a variety of passive or active ways, such as in sitting meditations, singing, dancing, chanting, and bringing rhythm and beat as a form of meditation into our activities.

In the passive forms of the Haama practice, we are able to detach ourselves from our crude emotions, slow down and become more of an observer to passing thoughts, feelings and sensations.


creative visualization


The very important third main practice that permeates all other practices is Imme - the Visualization and Imagery Practice.

Intended visualization and imagination is a mindful act that bypasses linear consequential thinking and mind chatter.

As well, with practice this can replace a self-propelled unpredictable and unreliable thinking process.

The Imme creates a setting for our imagination to place us in a sustainable more nourishing backdrop,

where our inner and outer environment can at once merge and become one in the 'here and now'.

This framework permeates many of our practices and is especially included in the Haama practice.

The Haama and the Imme focus more on compassionate mindfulness and awareness as an intentional proactive

act that complements passive mindful meditation.

Visualization and imagery can connect our very ' practical, driven reality' to what in some indigenous

cultures is called 'Dream Time'. Such a "Dream-Time Reality' will color or transform in no time

our 'highly driven pragmatic reality of 'me and mine'.

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