Members,Supporters, Helpers, Oshas


an unusual experiment in progress

The Oshas and Helpers.


The Oshas are Ahmahaa members who have been able to reach a

level where they can synthesize conflicts, discrepancies and

paradoxes, using very few analytical faculties.

They serve as a vehicle, a mirror for emotional expression or

release, without having to use articulate language. More than

that, an Osha should be able to channel chaos into creative artistic


The Osha, through freaky behaviors, can mirror

individual and communal imbalance, and thus intuitively help to restore

the  emotional/psychological flow. In a sense, they are placed in a prominent position,

not in an official, rigid, authoritarian way of doos and dont's, but rather to

exert an influence in indirect cathartic ways as well through example and

service. Placing a clown-philosopher-psychologist, a childlike

"village idiot", in an informal, but exemplary position, can

shift community consciousness.

An active Osha engages directly with the community. The

passive Osha is more dedicated to their personal development


Although they can affect the group by their very presence,

passive Oshas don't usually exert influence in a direct

engaged manner.

The active Oshas motivate:

·         To increase self-awareness.

·         Defuse of developing conflict, and the increase of a sense

of humor and light-heartedness.

·         A breaking through coldness and excessive formality.

·         An exposure of the underlying emotional motives present

amongst the group's members.

The Helper

The Helper is someone who has reached a level where they:

·         Are skilled in linking cognitive and analytical approaches

to suitable techniques

·         Feel empathy to the extent that they can elicit an

individual's potential.

·         Are skilled in direct and indirect approaches.

·         And address personal needs and abilities.

·         Are skilled in the knowledge of the interactions of mind

and body.

There are two kinds of Oshas and Helpers:

those who abandon, and do not accumulate, material wealth

those who may have some possessions.

There are two kinds of relationships with a helper:

on a casual basis

on a permanent basis

Support Members

Support members are  willing people who help the Ahmahaa project;
however they may not be ready to adjust to ASID (Ahmahaa
Spontaneous Interactive Dynamic). They may perform
individually practices and meditation.