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To the Moon
The Weizmann International Magazine of Science & People, Spring 2019, No. 15, pages 4-5

Planets outside the Solar System [Audio, Hebrew]
Making history: A Podcast on science, technology and history, 12.05.2019

We must reinvent Beresheet to reach the Moon again
Jewish News, 16.04.2019

The Beresheet effect
WeizmannCompass, 14.04.2019

Israeli spacecraft crashes during attempted moon landing
Science, 11.04.2019

Israeli lander demonstrates a cut-rate route to the moon
Science, 29.03.2019

Beresheet lunar landing site revealed
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 17.03.2019

Israel’s first Moon mission will conduct scientific measurements
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 21.02.2019

First private Moon lander heralds new lunar space race
Nature, volume 566, pages 434-436, 20.02.2019


WYEN retreat to Israel
WeizmannCompass, 11.12.2018

10 moons orbiting Jupiter discovered, one 'oddball' on a collision course
HaAretz, 17.07.2018

Triton: The “Odd moon out”
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 23.01.2018


Weizmann lecture in Vienna
WeizmannCompass, 19.12.2017

Space exploration with Prof. Oded Aharonson, Part II [Audio, Hebrew]
Army Radio / Galei Tzahal, 24.07.2017

Space exploration with Prof. Oded Aharonson, Part I [Audio, Hebrew]
Army Radio / Galei Tzahal, 17.07.2017

Minerals in a family of asteroids reveal Martian roots
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 20.07.2017

How did the Moon form?
WeizmannCompass, 26.03.2017

Israeli scientists suggest moon was created by several collisions
Jerusalem Post, 10.01.2017

A multiple-impact origin for the Moon
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 09.01.2017


Here's who could win the $20 million XPrize for roving on the moon—but will any science get done?
Science, 22.12.2016

A planet just like ours?
WeizmannCompass, 25.09.2016

Europe launches young leadership club
WeizmannCompass, 25.09.2016

Earth-mass planet right next door
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 24.08.2016

Lopsided ice on the moon points to past shift in poles
Science, 23.03.2016


He drove cars on Mars - Now he's trying to put Israel on the Moon
HaAretz, 14.12.2015

Canada’s leading men gala
WeizmannCompass, 29.03.2015

A message to the Moon
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 26.02.2015


A transformative new gift for exploring the limits of physics
WeizmannCompass, 28.09.2014

Climate change - a planetary perspective [Audio]
TEDx Weizmann Institute, 20.08.2014

TEDx on excellence in science and science education at the Weizmann Institute
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 15.05.2014


Weather on the outer planets only goes so deep
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 16.05.2013


Titan. A world both strange and familiar [Audio]
TEDxEast, 25.07.2012

Why do we see the man in the Moon?
Weizmann Wonder Wander, 12.03.2012


Is Mars weeping salty tears?
Science, 04.08.2011

A lasting spirit
Pasadena Star News, 07.2011

New study of Moon's roughness offers insight into its history
Caltech Media Relations, 27.06.2011

Space: Mystery, Opportunity, and Danger [Audio]
Facing Tomorrow 2011, 23.06.2011

Unveiling Titan: A world strange and familiar [Audio]
MindshareLA, 18.05.2011

Yoman Haboker [Audio, Hebrew]
Kol Israel, 13.05.2011

Rainy days on Saturn's moon
Astronomy Now, volume 25, issue 5, page 22, 05.2011


Hints of Earth splash a saturnian moon landscape
New York Times, 27.07.2010

Caltech scientists measure changing lake depth on Titan
Caltech Media Relations, 15.07.2010

Mars rover finds conditions 'more conducive to life'
Nature, 03.06.2010

Collision course [Audio]
Extreme Universe, Season 1, Episode 2, 21.05.2010

Stellar storms [Audio]
Known Universe, Season 2, Episode 2, 08.04.2010

Saturn’s orbit controls Titan’s lakes
Earth, volume 55, issue 3, page 27, 03.2010

Flows on Mars but no water
Science, 22.01.2010


Caltech scientists explain puzzling lake asymmetry on Titan
Caltech Media Relations, 29.11.2009


Caltech researchers find ancient climate cycles recorded in Mars rocks
Caltech Media Relations, 04.12.2008

Giant impact explains Mars dichotomy
Caltech Media Relations, 25.06.2008

Asteroid smash turned Mars into 'takeaway pizza' planet
Nature, 25.06.2008

Texas-size asteroid slammed early Mars, studies say
National Geographic, 25.06.2008

Scientists think big impact caused two-faced Mars
Associated Press, 25.06.2008

Mars' two-faced riddle 'solved'
BBC News, 25.06.2008

Mars may have been struck by massive object [Audio]
NPR News, 25.06.2008

Layers within layers hint at a wobbly martian climate
Science, volume 320, Issue 5878, page 867, 16.05.2008


Bringing martian streaks and gullies down to Earth
Science, volume 315, issue 5820, page 1788, 30.03.2007


Our favorite Martians
VECO Polar Resources, 26.07.2006

NASA: Evidence of recent water On Mars
CBS News, 06.12.2006

Photos suggest recent water flow on Mars
International Herald Tribune, 06.12.2006

Water 'flowed recently' on Mars
BBC News, 06.12.2006


Rover adds Caltech faculty
Pasadena Star News, 22.10.2005

NASA grant will fund new research on Mars with the Spirit and Opportunity rovers
Caltech Media Relations, 19.10.2005

NASA expands Rover science team
JPL, 19.10.2005


Signs of ancient rain may stretch Mars's balmy past
Science, volume 305, issue 5680, page 26, 02.07.2004

Magnetic Mercury
Nature, volume 427, issue 6975, article 595, 12.02.2004

Mercury's magnetic tale
NewScientist, issue 2433, 07.02.2004

Mars revisited
National Geographic, volume 205, No. 1, 01.2004


Running water eroded a frigid early Mars
Science, volume 300, issue 5625, pp. 1496-1497, 06.06.2003

A new type of martian landslide
Astronomy, p.30, 03.2003