ALP Class XIV Capstone Projects

Every Class XIV member of the Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) was required to complete a Capstone Project in order to fulfill graduation requirements.  Some class members were partnered with ALP alumni who are willing to be mentors, as appropriate. The project title and links are in the left column. Each topic has a final presentation attached at the bottom of each page. There also is a listing of the class members and a link to a photo and biography. And the Class White Paper is on this site for your review and enjoyment.

Capstone Project Learning Objectives

1. Synthesize learning from all sessions into an individual project that presents a solution to a specific agricultural issue or “pain.”

2.  Gain insight and contacts through working with ALP alumni.

Project Activities

1. Write a 3-page research paper and/or bones of a business plan, and/or make a video and/or Power Point presentation on the issue and solution. Examples include:

  1. Developing and advancing policy and or legislation
  2. Outreach and or education projects on behalf of specific or general ag/nrm or industry/commodity issues
  3. Developing and implementing an ag/nrm related project (facilitation, a film, blog, marketing project, youth ed, etc)
  4. Analysis of industry issues (i.e. livestock, floriculture or tropical fruits)

2. Present the project to the class and potentially the public.


Acacia Implications in Hawaii, Enhance Taro Farm Economics, Fish to Fertilizer, Hawaii Access Land Project, Kakaako Food Hub, Local Finished Beef Summit, Mapping the ALP Alumni, Moving High School Ag Education into the 21st Century, Orchid Nursery Business Plan, Pesticide Search Web APP, Seed Companies and Forage Value Cover Crops