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Eventbrite - February 2017 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

It's a while since Agile Yorkshire had an entire evening of content that was firmly planted in agile engineering but for February we're back to our roots. We're still building our calendar for 2017 so watch out for new announcements and get in touch if you know someone with a story to tell.


  • The 2016 Agile Yorkshire Annual Lightning Talks! Its that time again already. The annual Agile Yorkshire Lightning Talk Competition is fast approaching. It's an Xmas tradition to make the December 13th meeting a celebration of community ...
    Posted 9 Nov 2016, 16:43 by Neil McLaughlin
  • A pragmatic intro to Lean principles with Jon Terry at Agile Yorkshire As the CEO of LeanKit Jon Terry has spent a lot of time thinking about the lean / agile development landscape as it exists with modern software product development. Here, he ...
    Posted 7 Nov 2016, 00:29 by Royd Brayshay
  • An Alternative Approach to Agile Analysis with Josh Lynas Josh Lynas talks about his work as a business analyst, how it's changed and how he's changed what he does, what's worked and what's not. An ...
    Posted 7 Nov 2016, 00:15 by Royd Brayshay
  • Ian Ellison on Space vs Place and What Matters to People About Workspace? A good number people reading this who've tried to make some changes in their workplace to accommodate popular agile practices like visual management, or sitting together will have come ...
    Posted 6 Nov 2016, 23:59 by Royd Brayshay
  • Code of Conduct and Supporting Diversity Diversity and Codes of Conduct are both topics that are regularly discussed within the conference organising blogosphere and to a lesser extent within community groups. We've tried a few ...
    Posted 5 Nov 2016, 04:38 by Neil McLaughlin
  • Allan Kelly and Adventures in Value The concepts of creating business value and the speed at which that happens within an organisation is what the agile movement has been focused on since its inception. This idea ...
    Posted 11 Aug 2016, 02:20 by Royd Brayshay
  • Mike Burrows on Servant Leadership Unneutered Servant leadership is a topic that is often mentioned within the agile community but explored in depth less often. It is possibly not as well understood for this reason. Mike ...
    Posted 11 Aug 2016, 02:11 by Royd Brayshay
  • An evening of TDD with Lego and Kev McCabe TDD is a difficult topic to explain to none engineers but can be a lot more effective if other do appreciate it value. Kev McCabe uses Lego to help explain ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 08:46 by Royd Brayshay
  • Rock Solid Promises From Clarke Ching Making promises you can keep is the nirvana that many IT mangers are looking for. Clarke Ching is a popular conference speaker and author of a couple of books on ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 08:43 by Royd Brayshay
  • Tim Chisholm with the Pipeline to Build Nirvana Communicating to broader stakeholders what an engineering team is doing and needs to do is tricky. The subject matter is often abstract and is far from gripping. Tim Chisholm brings ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 08:38 by Royd Brayshay
  • A Step By Step Guide to Agile By Stealth with Tony Heap Resistance to change is part of the human condition and overcoming this resistance is part of changing the way delivery teams work together. A large part of the prevailing certified ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 08:32 by Royd Brayshay
  • Chris Roberts on People-Driven-Agile So much wisdom and learning can emerge from listen to the experience of others. Chris Roberts, the organiser of Agile Sheffield, delivers an experience report based on his work with ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 08:20 by Royd Brayshay
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Meet up to code every Wednesday before work with the Code and Coffee group in Leeds and the Code and Coffee group in York. Come along to find out what Code and Coffee is all about.

Agile Yorkshire buzz...

"Well worth travelling over 100 miles each way to attend.  Great mixture of attendees and interesting conversations.  I wish there were more groups like this!", Ian Russell - Developer, speaker and co-founder of CraftyCoders

"One hell of a good way to learn and network - highly recommended", Kiran Singh - Software Consultant

"Excellent attendance and opportunity to meet a crowd with plenty of questions", Rachel Davies - Speaker and author of Agile Coaching

"Great night, full of practical agile knowledge and great for networking", Olan - Stil Technology

"Superb evening with a very knowledgeable crowd", Jose Casal - Speaker and consultant

"It's a great evening, you should totally come along and it's a brilliant environment to speak at!", Gwen Diagram - Testing Consultant

"Excellent turnout of very motivated and engaged attendees.", 
Brian Wernham - Speaker and author of Agile Project Management for Government

"An enthusiastic, interested and respectful crowd in a well-organised set up", Geoff Watts - Speaker and author of Scrum Mastery

"One of the more enjoyable speaking gigs I've had. Well worth doing", Mat McLoughlin - Speaker and Developer

"Really good networking, good presenters, friendly, welcoming, you should go", Jonty Abbott - Programme Manager

"Inspirational", Richard W. - Business Analyst, Leeds

"Friendly, dedicated, knowledgeable group - good vibe. More switched on than some meetup groups", Matthew Skelton - DevOps consultant, speaker, and conference organiser"

"Great people, well organised and interesting, stimulating discussion", Sam Meadley - @sammeadley

"Slick, well organised, engaged audience and well attended", Aaron McKenna - speaker and agile consultant.

"A stimulating, thought provoking evening, from a thriving community", Peter Ferguson - Testing Manager

"A must attend event for any agile practitioners in Yorkshire", Jonathan Fulton - Agile Coach and speaker

"Very organised! Nice crowd", Clarke Ching - Consultant, author and speaker

"A great mix of high level management theory and applied practice" - Scott Milne, software engineer

"A wonderful experience, really enjoyed it. Over in the blink of an eye!", Josh Lynas - Agile Business Analyst and speaker.

"It's a great group who asked a lot of interesting questions. I enjoyed participating.", Jon Terry - LeanKit CEO and speaker

"What makes Agile Yorkshire great is the friendliness of the people who attend. Even if you are speaking about a subject which people don't agree with or have opposing views, it's always conducted in a welcoming and professional manner", Adam Michell - speaker and agile coach.

"very worthwhile and a great learning opportunity", Amy Thompson -2013 Agile Coach of the year