Welcome to Agile (and Lean) Enterprise Consulting, LLC website!
Whether you are new to Lean, Agile and especially Scrum or already an experienced Agilist, there is always something we know we can do to help you with.
Despite the old saying "those who can not do teach", our teaching and coaching comes directly from many years of hands-on doing and managing real-life projects and from successfully turning failing projects around.
Even though we are passionate about Lean, Agile and especially Scrum, our belief is that we are in the software development business to deliver, on time or, better, under time and budget, software that meets stakeholders' needs, and not to blindly adhere to any particular process to the detriment of this ultimate objective.
For the above reason, you will not see us spend our time arguing about this or that process framework's merit over another one as if they alone mattered!
In other words, we are not process fundamentalists but software professional pragmatists!
Best regards,

Andrew T. Pham, President


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To contact us, please either email us at andrew@agileenterpriseconsulting.com or call us at (214) 718-2847 for Texas or at (917) 727-4617 for New York.