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1-Safety Procedures

This instructional material has been created to supplement the owners manual. Please make sure to read the manual before using these materials. There is a short quiz at the end for you to check your understanding of the material.

Never leave the laser unattended while running!

1.1 Preparing Cardboard 
The following video goes over some basic knife safety skills for cutting down boxes with a utility knife. We are using a Stanley retractable blade utility knife. It is important that you do not leave this tool lying around. We recommend keeping it in a pocket with the blade retracted. 

1.2 Fire Safety
The bed of the laser cutter must be kept free of left over cut material to reduce the chance of fire. Make sure to regularly vacuum out the interior and wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth. You may gently push the lens assembly, but it is important that you do this slowly. Moving it too quickly can induce a current that can damage the electronics. You should keep an ABC class dry chemical fire extinguisher near the cutter for the unlikely event that there is a fire. 

1.3 Emergency Shutoff
In most cases you will use the emergency shutoff button to turn off the laser cutter if something looks like it is burning with a flame larger than the tip of a Q-tip.