Testing Schedule

2016-2017 Testing Schedule

 Date  Test    Students 
 September 6-20     MAP: Fall Benchmark Grades K-6
 September 6-October 21 Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Grades K-5
 January 9-26                        MAP: Winter Benchmark Grades K-6
 January 9-26     Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Grades K-5, as needed
 April 3-6 PSSA: ELA Grades 3-6
 April 25-27 PSSA: Mathematics Grades 3-6
 May 2-3 PSSA: Science Grade 4
 May 1-15     MAP: Spring Benchmark Grades K-6
 May 1-30 Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Grades K-5

Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System

The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System is one way our school identifies a student’s reading level.  The assessment provides teachers, students and parents with valuable information.

The assessment can:

  • Determine a student’s independent and instructional level

    • Independent Reading Level: The student is able to read a book at 95-99% accuracy with satisfactory comprehension.

    • Instructional Reading Level: The student is able to read a book at approximately 90-94% accuracy with satisfactory comprehension.

  • Determine reading placement levels and group instructions during ELA instruction. (Small group instruction begins by October 1)

  • Help select texts to promote student learning.

  • Identify students who need interventions.

  • Assess the outcomes of teaching strategies.

  • Document student progress over the course of a school year.

  • Inform parents and students to create a learning partnership between school and home.

  • Guide students in selecting appropriate books.  

Students in grades 1-5 are assessed twice a year in September and May.

MAP Testing

Three times a year your child will take an assessment called Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). We give our students MAP tests to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of Math and Reading.

MAP tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for your child’s level of learning. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.  With MAP, we can administer shorter tests and use less class time while still receiving detailed, accurate information about your child’s growth.

Every school year, students will take the tests three times a year.  Following each testing period, you will receive a report showing your child’s growth.

We are truly excited to begin a new era that focuses on every child’s individual growth and achievement. Partnering to help all kids learn, parents and teachers can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our children.

For more information on resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit at www.nwea.org >> Partner Support.


Students in grades 3-6 are given the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) in the areas of Math and ELA. Grade 4 students also take the Science PSSA. See below for the most update information for parents and students.
Jen Weaver,
Jul 14, 2016, 6:22 AM
Jen Weaver,
Jul 14, 2016, 6:22 AM
Jen Weaver,
Jul 14, 2016, 6:22 AM
Jen Weaver,
Jul 14, 2016, 6:22 AM