ASSET science is the program of choice for students in grades K-2. The ASSET program is designed to help classroom teachers and their students meet and exceed the PA Standards. What makes ASSET truly revolutionary is the way its curriculum focuses directly on what students need to know to meet those standards. Its professional development empowers teachers, providing the techniques and tools that turn scientific lessons into tangible, exciting concepts that students can touch, see, inquire about, and understand. This program provides students with hands-on and minds-on opportunities to explore and experiment with scientific concepts. Some sample units are: Senses, Push/Pull/Go, and Plants(K), Weather, Insects and Solids and Liquids(1st), Soil, Balancing/Weighing and Changes(2nd). The 3-5 science program is implemented using Discovery Education. Discovery Education is a inquiry-based curriculum that gives our students and staff online access to the most up to date scientific information. Sample units include 

In addition AGCS has become committed to educating our students in Environmental Science and Sustainability. First and second grade students are participating in an exploratory STEM program through Asset by constructing windmills and building-like structures. In grades 3-6 STEM is addressed through an Environmental Science special and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) special class that each occur once per week. Sample topics include: designing ziplines, creating solar ovens and building a water wheel. We are pleased to have partnered with Project Lead the Way who serves as the program of study for our STEM classes.