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Elementary Math at AGCS: Grades K-6

Math Curriculum

The elementary division is in the process of rolling out a new math curriculum.  During the 15-16 SY, grades K-2 adopted Math in
Focus.  For the 16-17 SY, the Math in Focus program will be carried through to grades 3rd/4th, while 5th/6th grade will remain with Go
Math for the upcoming school year. 

Go Math

The Go Math program is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the PA Core Framework. Elementary teaches use the workshop model to implement the math program. Grade level concepts are introduced at the beginning of class (direct instruction). Students are then formatively assessed to determine student success toward the given math concept. Students are then grouped according to ability level within the classroom. Teachers utilize small group instruction to meet the varying needs of the students. Traditional textbook resources, along with manipulatives, technology and games are used to support student understandings.

Math in Focus

Math in Focus is the current math program for students in grades K-4. Math in Focus is based on the Singapore approach
to math instruction. The program focuses on problem solving as the foundation of mathematical learning using a variety of
models to help students visualize and understand mathematical concepts.

Math in Focus teaches concepts using a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression to anchor student knowledge in real-
world, hands-on experiences, supported by technology applications. Math in Focus encourages positive student interaction with
mathematics, which results in students developing an ability to easily solve complex, real-world math problems.

What's Singapore Math?

Students learn to understand the "how" and the "why" so they can tackle both routine and non-routine problems.

Math in Focus Presentation

Math in Focus: Back to School Night 2015

Jen Weaver,
Aug 31, 2015, 12:17 PM