Soay Sheep arrived at AGCS in the summer of 2014. All of our Soay Sheep were purchased from the wonderful Judy Lathrop who operates the Geneva Wynn Farm in Accokeek, Maryland, very close to the Virginia Border.

Our Soays are registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and descend from a group of purebred Soays which were imported into the US from Canada in 2000. Our sheep are "British Soay sheep" as opposed to "North American Soay sheep," which are not purebred Soays, but rather sheep which have been mixed with a number of different breeds over the years.

Studying and Preserving the Breed

Animals can be wonderful subjects for science instruction. Students in grades 3-12 at our main campus interact with our Soay herd as part of their classes and informally during the course of a school week. British Soay sheep remain a very rare breed in the UK and in North America. Unfortunately, when rare breeds become isolated inbreeding can occur and the overall genetic diversity of the breed can suffer. We are, therefore, very interested in making contact with British Soay breeders in our region (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware).

Meet Our Soay Herd

Today (April 27th, 2015,) Dervla gave birth to two darling lambs! Both lambs and Dervla are doing well. We are all excited that AGCS is contributing to the continuation of this rare breed of sheep! For more photos and information, check out our Micro-Farm Facebook page.



Dervla and her lamb, Oisin at the AGCS Micro-Farm. 
Soays are fairly feral and skittish, but Oisin is more adventurous and curious than most. He's quite a handsome fellow!