Here's our Micro-Farm's pride and joy - our firstborn lamb that arrived on May 20th, 2014! This little black ewe's name is "Willa" - named after Mr. Bill who works so hard to keep our Micro-Farm in excellent working order. Here, Willa is getting accustomed to nursing and seems very healthy and vigorous!


This is our resident moorit ram, that came to us from the Celtic Herd Farm in York County, Pennsylvania. He was originally named Cab however, when he first arrived he would ram the fence all day, trying to get out, so he was renamed "Rambo." 

He has a wonderful fleece which takes on an amber glow in the afternoon sun. He is a very handsome sheep! His three lambs have grown considerably over the past year!


Nuala is a pure white yearling ewe with an amazing fleece. She came to us from Autmn Breeze Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Nuala's grandfather was "Orion" from the Heights Farm in the UK.


Paddy, our little Shetland ram lamb, decided he was rougher and tougher than his daddy Rambo one day and head-butted the side of the old man's pen. Rambo seemed to find this very amusing! 


For a sheep, little Lia is a genius. She was the second born and smallest of the lambs, but has learned how to outsmart the competition. In this photo, she had leaped up on a bench to scarf down as much grain as possible. It took quite a while for her siblings to push her off of her perch!

Lia was named after our student Liem, who was instrumental in helping to build out the farm during his years at AGCS.


Lollipop is a black ewe and is nearly two years old. She also came to us from Autumn Breeze Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has a terrific personality and is extremely friendly.

Lollipop is our "queen" sheep; the younger sheep rely on her for guidance.

Lollipop's father is "Black" from Drum Farm in Scotland. She was conceived through artificial insemination.