Perhaps the animals our students find most fascinating are the playful, curious goats!


When we first added goats to our Micro-Farm, the sheep didn't know what to make of them! Lucy is an Alpine goat and Chompy is a Miniature Alpine goat.

Fun Facts about Goats
1. We all know baby goats are called kids, but did you know that like deer, female goats are called does and males are bucks? A wether is a neutered male goat.
2. Goats are intelligent, curious, social, independent, stubborn, and demanding; while at the same time they're loving, gentle and loyal. They're especially wonderful with children.
3. Goats are highly social and prefer to be with other goats. When they're left alone, they get bored and lonely. They will let out a loud "behhh" when they want companions. 
4. When goats are bored and lonely, they get into mischief... just like human kids!  Bored goats are great at climbing, jumping, running, chewing, and escaping. 
5. Goats hate getting wet and will jump over or go around puddles. They like nice, dry living spaces.
6. Like cows, goats have one stomach with four digestive chambers. After they eat, they regurgitate the "cud" and chew it all day long. Contrary to popular belief, they do not eat tin cans and are, in fact, clean eaters - they prefer clean food that hasn't been on the ground.
7. Goat horns are very dangerous - even deadly - during play with other goats or humans. For this reason, most caretakers choose to have the horns removed (a procedure called disbudding) when they are very young, before the horns attach to the sinus bones.