Cayuga ducks are recognized as a rare breed by the American Livestock Conservancy. As part of our Avon Grove Charter School Micro-Farm Project, we have chosen to work with breeds of livestock which are in danger of disappearance. By doing so, we are attempting to do our part to preserve American "barnyard biodiversity."

Cayuga ducks are mild-mannered, hardy, and (for ducks) fairly quiet.

In the spring, AGCS second and third grade students incubate Cayuga duck eggs in their classrooms as part of an avian embryology project.

Some of the ducklings will join our existing flock of Cayugas already living at the AGCS Micro-Farm.  Others will travel to Pickering Valley Feed and Farm where they will be sold to the public as pets. Finally, some Cayuga ducklings will be available for sale at the Micro-Farm.  

If you would like to reserve Cayuga or Silver Appleyard ducklings/chicks for pick-up at the Micro-Farm,
please call 484-643-9847 to speak to the Farm Manager, Mr. Bill Aff.

Keep in mind that Cayuga ducklings will need a water source (for swimming) - a baby pool would suffice. We will not sell single ducklings; ducks are very social animals that need company. Ducks will also require a fenced/protected enclosure. Remember: cats, dogs, foxes, and raccoon, opossums will kill and eat domestic ducks if they are exposed to attack.

Our Flock of Cayuga Ducks


When our Cayuga ducklings hatched in the spring of 2014, they adopted a male Silver Appleyard named Nat as their "mother." 
He still dutifully watches over his flock as any good mother would! 
A student favorite is the Cayuga on the right with a tuft of feathers on his head; they named him Afro Jack.