After initial struggle I find google blog site to be quiet excellent. Not only are x 's of templates readily available to chose, they are also quiet customizable. All are written in seo friendly html 5 and contain what is essential.
Simple, WYSWYG techniques help even the novice to make the best out of his blog.

After I was hesitant - I now come to the conclusion what the guys at google do has always head and tail. They know their stuff.

When looking at my wordpress  site, I find too many plugins, updates, and problems with seo. Add your adsense and you are back listed. Panda does not seem to like their own adsense code when it is over used.

Earnings are in check, last time my site was so overwhelmed I had to actually revamp the site, 
moving all ads, before rankings went up again. Our renewable energy hit the same limits. So did all the others : blog blue - Italy - Venice - templates - textiles - etc. After I contacted google (own profile ) it improved.

I'm actually fascinated with google. Ever saw their server farm ? Look  at it --- >>> HERE <<<--- amazing stuff, amazing people.

So all said - I'm quiet happy with the WYSWYG sites builder and what's the need to go and struggle with others like africasiaeuro wix or even our new Laos coffee page if not for seo.

Thanks Google - and its smart guys !

google doodle