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Project Manager

Andreas B Lombardozzi
I am 100% committed to rainbows...

Founder of African Pacific ..passionate about driving sustainable solutions and development outcomes through trade and transparency

Andreas Bruno Lombardozzi was born in South Africa, where he studied for degrees in Commerce, Law and Economics. He is founding partner of African Pacific (1998), the FTAANZ , and the Pacific Growers Export Partnership (2007). Andreas has been focused on developing a regional trading platform delivering ethical, sustainable and fair development outcomes for communities in the South Pacific.

One of his primary aims is to be build trading capital within business operations into Social Equity as part of stakeholder’s modern asset portfolio. He believes this is the critical link for both sustainable and independent growth of business capacity and empowerment within the Pacific region. 

Social Equity participation will allow growers and other supply chain participants to gain access to competitive commercial banking systems and thus circumventing the traditional barriers of entry to access loan funding. Social Equity remains a critical ingredient for sustainable development of island business in the region and slow the urban drift of island communities.

Project Controller
Miroslav Menyhart

Certlink Design and Development
David Ford

Catriona Mcmillan