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Nuigeneration $1 a Day Program

Nui is an organic lifestyle brand dedicated to social and economic empowerment for our partners in the South Pacific. We work with growers in the South Pacific who practice sustainable agriculture - we work from field to product in a full product cycle to achieve positive development outcomes in the livelihoods of the farmers we work with. The Nuigeneration $1 a day partnership is a way for you to make a positive difference in the lives of our Pacific Island neighbours, beyond just buying the Nui products.

Live Fair - Join the Nuigeneration $1 a Day partnership
Inspired by the principles of ethical, sustainable and fair trade the Nuigeneration $1 a day partnership is a stand for positive change in South Pacific communities. ”Nui” translates to “abundance” in many South Pacific languages and abundant Pacific communities is our goal. It’s not the Pacific reality though - average daily incomes are around $5.90*. Australia’s average daily income is $120*, a vast difference!

We are inviting you to join us, the Nuigeneration, as we improve the livelihoods of Pacific Island communities by creating a fair and ethical trading environment that promotes social business transactions and delivers real price premiums to our grower partners.

We believe business is the most effective driver of economic development and creating positive social outcomes for communities in the Pacific. The best way to help alleviate poverty in Pacific communities is for us to support and stimulate their locally produced and managed agricultural initiatives. We
can do this by becoming a Nuigeneration $1 a Day partner.

The Nuigeneration $1a day commitment
As a business, we are committed to ethical business practice and full transparency. Our commitment is to measurably improve the economic, environmental and social standards of communities in the
South Pacific through our charter of Fair Trade for a Fair Go!

The Nuigeneration $1 a day action

We achieve our commitment in four ways:

1. Micro-financing - a fund that provides loan security for community
business and development initiatives.

2. Trade facilitation - identifying and breaking down trade barriers,
red tape and logistical bottle necks.

3. Predictable revenue - creating demand for products and markets
that provide a consistent returns to farmers and communities.

4. we pledge to minimise all administrative costs and processes.
How we deliver on our commitment.

By joining the Nuigeneration $1a day program - you can help improve the economic, environmental and social standards of communities in the Pacific for just $1 a day.

Meet the Growers
Nuigeneration $1 a day partners can also meet the growers through our Fair Trade for a Fair Go grower network. Follow the “meet our Pacific partners link”, scanning the QR 3d barcode on the packaging or visiting www.nuigeneration.com.

*source: $5.90 compared to Australia's average national daily income of A$120. (reference World Bank GNI per capita average in Vanuatu, Fiji, PNG, and Solomon Islands cited in http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GNP.PCAP.CD 6 Oct 2011)

To Join the Nui $1 a day program you can take a monthly payment option of A$30.42 per month by clicking here

Nui $1 a Day Monthly Subscription Or pay the full year subscription here

If you are able to do so, we’d appreciate if you are able to take out a full year’s subscription as it cuts down on our administrative costs.

You can stop participation as a $1 a day partner at any time. For administrative purposes, we request 14 days notification prior to the next debit.

You can download a printable leaflet for our Nuigeneration $1 a Day program here