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Franchise Training

Online Course in Franchise Management                                  


A Unique Opportunity


Ø  Learn business principles and how they apply to franchises

Ø  Complete the course in just six weeks

Ø  Designed to help anyone interested in owning a franchise get better prepared

Ø  Provides video case studies of how successful franchise owners performed in each area of study

Ø  Helps current franchisees brush up on different parts of their business

Ø  Subjects include:

 ·         Franchising

 ·         Communication

 ·         Finance

 ·         Accounting

 ·         Management

 ·         Leadership

 ·         Marketing

 ·         Sales

 ·         Business Law

 ·         Negotiation

Ø  Learn from different content experts each week of the course

Ø  Interact online with experts and other students using video discussions

Ø  Plug-in potential for franchisors who want to incorporate course into their own training

Ø  Take classes from the convenience of your computer

Ø  Complete course successfully and become eligible to receive 90% financing to purchase your franchise

Ø  Get matched with a franchise opportunity at no additional cost