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Chris Winslow

Email:  chriswinslow8@gmail.com       


I am an accomplished, results-driven franchise professional with over 20 years of experience.  Expertise in national, multi-country, and local agreements.  Extensive sales development and operations experience within rapid growth multi-unit franchise systems including start-ups.  Track record of consistently exceeding multi-million dollar sales budgets.                                                                                                                                                   




Global franchise sales (60 countries)

National franchise sales (US 50 states)

Global business development agreements include TNT, UPS, Xerox, Microsoft, etc.


Executive Management:

P & L responsibility for global and US sales.  Responsibility included build-out, IT, training, sales and marketing.  Example; grew $30 million SOHO business and 250 stores in 20 countries to $90 million with >600 stores in 60 countries


Business Development

Product launches in 60 countries on 5 continents developing new and existing businesses and product lines.  Products/projects with UPS, TNT, JC Penney, EBay, Xerox, American Express, Microsoft and others.



All marketing (internet, newspapers, trade shows, strategic sales partnerships, etc.) has been part of my remit.  The Sales Managers target contact was at the CEO, Director, VP or C level.


Sales Channels:

Retail, E-Commerce, Direct Response TV, Internet, Direct Marketing, Call Center and Wholesale



Launch of www.mbebiz.com (providing a package of services for the small office/home office (SOHO) market.

Launch of a 5 year agreement with www.eBay.com and www.iShip.com to provide eBay members with a first of its kind integrated system for e-commerce shipping.

Launch and manage the first integrated global ecommerce platform company, www.gmbe.com that allowed foreign consumers to shop inside the US by providing physical US addresses.  This e-commerce venture expanded to 10 countries and reached 30,000 consumers shipping 30,000 kilos of product per month.

Launch of www.usa.net, the world’s largest email outsourcer, and its products to SOHO customers.



From $1 to $100 Million



Always made money



Start-ups to Joint Ventures to rapid growth companies (20 to 600 franchisees). Broad US and International Experience with a track record in B2B and B2C with the SOHO and SME markets.



Lived and worked in Morocco (2 years), Venezuela (3 years), Belgium (2 years), Greece (3 years), China and Hong Kong (2 years), England (3 years)

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Sam Boyer

Email:  boyer.sam@gmail.com


I am a senior level executive with over 30 years experience. I have provided companies strategic and innovative business leadership. Achieved unparalleled success in manufacturing and marketing consumer branded products in North America. Proven success in partnering finance with operations to achieve long-term gains in business performance, revenues, market share and profits, while providing sharp problem solving, negotiation and decision-making skills.




Hillside brands, CafeDuJour, Gloria Jeans, Fairwinds


Executive Management:

Responsible to 350 franchisee, in supporting their business development and adaptation of new and innovative consumer products. Grew my personal company to 1500 employees maintaining a 100% grow rate per year for 7 years. Brothers Gourmet Coffee vice chairman of the board of directors.


Business Development

Created the largest private gourmet coffee business in North America. Established brand standards for coffee and consumer products, with Brothers Gourmet Coffees, Mr. Coffee, and Sunbeam, participated in the rollout and launch of the “W” brand hotels with Starwood lodging.



Developed and implemented consumer branded marketing for several companies in North America. Brothers Gourmet Coffees, Mr.Coffee.



Created an international business by developing a comprehensive license structure to support a new product launch for Mr.Coffee in Brazil and North America.



Won Denver Small business of the Year award

Won CASI wholesale business of the year award (Colorado)

Recognized by Inc and Fortune magazine for creating one of the top 100 fastest growing public companies.

Awarded the Master license for Mr.Coffee

Recognized by several magazines and leaders as someone who changed gourmet coffee in North America.

Citizen of the West steering committee (Colorado)

Denver Chamber Mid-size task force

20 years of service to Metro State foundation board

Created numerous branded products to meet consumer demand





Extensive travel to Brazil, Central and South America. Toured and visited many other coffee growing regions around the world.

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