A prototype USB Doodad

Surface mount soldering isn't scary!

Welcome to the home of the USB Doodad.  The USB Doodad is a small USB device built using surface mount components.  With it, you can learn to solder surface mount devices, like the picture above.  However it doesn't end there!  At the end, you also get a cool USB device with a microprocessor and some LEDs which can be used in a number of intentionally frivolous ways. The design is licenced under a Creative Commons licence.  That means you can take the plans, buy the parts yourself, and build it.  Or for the easy way, you can buy it from us as a kit, with the chip pre-soldered.

Project Status

We have had working prototypes for several months.  They have proven to be very reliable, and have worked in every PC we've tried them in.

We currently have parts to build 50 boards.  China is currently celebrating Chinese New Year, so we will send out the PCB order on February 13, after they return to work.  We'll then be able to offer kits for sale.

If you'd like us to tell you when kits are available, or there's news about the USB Doodad, please leave your name and email address.

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