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Peace Corps Afghanistan History Project

The purpose of the project “History of the Peace Corps in Afghanistan” is to collect as much information as possible from RPCVs, PC Afghanistan staff, Afghan language and culture instructors, and anyone else who may have something to add.

So far I have been unable to obtain information about Peace Corps Afghanistan from Peace Corps Washington or The National Peace Corps Association.  The National Archives, Library of Congress, and the Kennedy Library (duplicates National Archives) have very limited information about Peace Corps Afghanistan.

This leaves it up to all of us to create “the History” by using the following listed documents and aids or any other tools you find to be useful.

Please see the October 3, 2011 Memo below for further discussion about how the History Project could be further developed.

October 3, 2011 Memorandum

Stephen D. Nadler

9730 East 32nd Avenue

Denver, CO 80238

303.322.3624 (home, business, and fax)

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To: File

From: Steve Nadler

Date: October 3, 2011

Subject: Further thoughts about the History Project

Completed questionnaires and interview guides could be digitally e-mailed and added to the Project site for anyone to use as reference information. 

Oral histories could be tape recorded using the interview guide as an aid.  For example, two or more RPCVs living in close proximity could interview one another and send the tape to someone designated to organize a small group to transcribe them (we have a number of people who volunteered to work on the project). 

Oral histories of Bob Steiner, Walter Blass, and Lou Mitchell as well as other PC Afghanistan Directors or their spouses and staff such as Dr. deMaine need to be interviewed. 

Photos and documents could be scanned and e-mailed to the Project site.

Assuming that we meet annually or bi-annually or if some Groups or Cycles meet periodically we could include in planning the meeting time for individual interviews by volunteers.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions are most welcome from all and could be posted to the AfghanConnections web site or sent to the Project site for reference.

This project is a long term (5 to 10 years) work in progress and will only develop as people become involved in it and someone or a few take leadership with it.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in this project.

Project Procedures

Information about the documents and procedures to use:

There are three working documents in the following order:

            1.  Draft Questionnaire410
            2.  QuestionnaireAddendum710

These two documents are to be used to stimulate memories about your PC 

Afghanistan experience.  It is best to copy them to your computer then respond to each question using Microsoft Office Word if you have it available.  Otherwise complete the Questionnaires in hard copy.  If you are able to complete the Questionnaire using Microsoft OfficeWord and you are willing to have me review them, then send them to me via e-mail attachments. 

 For hand written (hard copy) responses send them to me and I will send them to Project Committee members willing to convert the responses into Microsoft Office Word.

           3.     InterviewGuide

Use this document as part of an oral history interview. It is assumed that the oral history interview will be tape recorded and accordingly will need to be transcribed by a Project Committee member.  I will coordinate between the interviewer and the transcriber.

At this time there are three Memos to use as background and for reference about the project.  They are:

      1.     HistoryofPCAfghan210
2.     MemoResearchInfo409
3.     PCAfghanHistorymemo62910

My current thinking is to paste each completed Questionnaire and Oral History Interview to the Project website.  Additional documents scanned for historical reference can also be pasted to the Project website.  Historical documents could include: The Agreement between the United States and Afghanistan for a Peace Corps Program, parts of the Peace Corps Annual Reports to Congress describing the Afghanistan Peace Corps program, and several others.

Another thought…letters home could be scanned and made as attachments to completed questionnaires and oral history interviews.

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