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NOTE: Registration for the NPCA 55th Reunion in Washington D.C. and Friends of Afghanistan special events Sept. 22 - 25, 2016 is now available online. Visit our 55th Celebration Page on this website.

Friends of Afghanistan will honor Mary MacMakin for a Lifetime of Service to Afghanistan at our reunion in Washington D.C. You can read about Mary's work in Afghan Connections.
If you wish to contribute to Mary's latest project, visit our page on Growing Peace in Afghanistan and make a donation.

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          • Louise Pascale, PhD - The Afghan Children’s Songbook Project
            • By Jan West, RPCV Kabul 1970-72
          • Meeting Ambassador Mohib
            • By Tony Agnello, FoA President
          • Afghanistan’s Transformation Decade
            • By H.E. Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib
          • New Rumi Translation “Illumination”
            • By Chris Jansen Translation by Fatima Saidi
          • 2016 Starfish Award: Orchard Park Educational Outreach!
            • By Tony Agnello, FoA President
          • NPCA/FoA Membership 
            • By Will Irwin
          • Celebrate the 55th PC Anniversary in DC September 21st - 25th
            • FoA Events:  
            • Thurs. Sept 22,  7PM  Dinner at-the-Panjshir Restaurant in Falls-Church, VA.
            • Friday Sept 23, 12 - 2:45 pm -Bazaar in the Exhibit Hall-at George Washington University 
            • Friday Sept 23, 3:15 pm- FoA Membership Meeting at the Tex;le-Museum, George Washington University
            • Friday Sept 23, 4:30 pm- The Bamiyan Textile Project, presentation by Phil Smith
            • Friday Sept 23, 7:00 pm  Afghan Embassy Dinner at the Afghan Embassy: 2341 Wyoming Ave NW
            • Saturday Sept 24, 9 am to 2 pm- Bazaar in the Exhibit Hall
            • Saturday Sept 24 3 pm - Special guided tour of  the Turquoise Mountain Exhibit, Transforming Afghanistan at the Free Sackler-Galleries, Smithsonian Museum on the Mall.
            • Sunday Sept 25 9 am to 2 pm Walk for Peace, beginning at University Yard, GWU

            • Mary MacMakin honored with LIFETIME OF SERVICE TO AFGHANISTAN AWARD!
            • - By John Bing, PCV 1964-66, Field Officer 1967
            • As Ruppe Reign Ends, Opportunity Arises
            • - By Tony Agnello, FoA President
            • Celebrate the 55th PC Anniversary in DC! September 21st - 25th, 2016
            • Letters to the Editor
            • RPCV REUNION IN SALT LAKE CITY 9/2017
            • The Mysterious Disappearance & Discovery of Tom Grove, Part 2
              - By David Scheinman, RPCV Nepal 1973 - 76
            • In Memoriam 
              - Rachael' Balyeat' Feichtmier:  wife of Director Ray Feichtmier in Afghanistan
              - Michael' Edwards:' ' Former' PC' Afghanistan' Deputy' Director
              - Member' of' Parliament' Sher' Wali' Wardak
              -  Larry' Cumbie:' ' Served' with' Group' VI' as' a' TEFLer' in' Jalalabad
              - Richard' Carlson:  Was'a'Cycle' 13'PCV who' taught  in  Jalalabad
  • Mission: To build and sustain an information exchange about Afghanistan and its people, and to network for their peace and prosperity.
      • To facilitate peaceful and constructive dialogue about Afghanistan
      • To inform members and the public about Afghanistan issues and organizations assisting the Afghan people
      • To serve as the alumni organization for Afghan RPCVs, staff and friends.