RCS Mission Statement


The mission of Riverdale Country School is to offer students the foundations of a liberal education that will guide them to rewarding, purposeful lives. In its second century, Riverdale’s unique character is still shaped by the commitment of its founder, Frank S. Hackett, to high academic standards, scholarly, intimate teaching, abundant play in the open, and a care for the best influences.  

It is our duty to help our students expand their competence and resourcefulness and to enable them to think critically. Riverdale students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge; teachers support students in the challenging work of actively constructing their own understanding and skills in a balance of intellectual, artistic, athletic, and community activities. The ideal Riverdale experience is a friendly, lively meeting of disciplined minds working, creating, and performing together in the classroom and in the larger arena made possible by New York City and our country campuses.

The knowledge, culture, experiences, interests, abilities, and points of view that each member of the Riverdale community brings to the school enrich the lives and deepen the understanding of those with whom they interact. We value the quality of the relationships we forge. Parents feel a strong partnership with the school, and students form lasting bonds with their teachers, mentors, and peers. For these reasons, we seek diverse experiences and viewpoints in our students and their families, our faculty, and our curriculum. In the patterns of our daily life on campus, we seek to create a model of the ways in which people should treat and respect one another.