Examination Results

Progress 8     -0.06 

Attainment     42.4

% of students at grade 5 or above. 
English & Maths GCSES     -      43%

% of students entering for the English Baccalaureate                   -      40%

% of students who've achieved the English Baccalaureate         -     11% 

% of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4 -  80%

Sixty one per cent of Winton Community Academy students achieved the new grade 4 or above in English and Maths.
In Maths 67 per cent of students gained a grade 4 or higher and in English 77 per cent of students achieved a grade 4 or higher. 

A standout performance came from outgoing head boy Shea Campbell, who achieved two 9's, five A*'s, two A's and a grade 7.

Mr Thomas said: "As always I am incredibly proud of the individual students' successes but I am also impressed with the whole year group who have done exceptionally well in the new harder English and Maths qualifications, achieving these results is outstanding". 
"Winton is a fabulous school with committed and talented staff and bright, creative and passionate students.   We have laid solid foundations for sustainable improvement over the coming years and I am confident that the relentless focus on good teaching in classrooms will see us continuing to make progress in years to come".