Student Careers


Empowering students to achieve their potential, by raising aspirations and providing meaningful encounters with employers

Here at Sir Herbert Leon Academy, we aim to prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.  Careers education and guidance is an essential part of this process, so we ensure that all our learners get access to careers education lessons, and opportunities to find out about the world of work through frequent access to employers and training providers, as well as face-to-face guidance from a professionally-qualified careers adviser.

Our careers education has three aims:


To help students understand themselves and the influences on them, build a track record of their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.

Career exploration

To help students identify, investigate and weigh up opportunities in learning, work and placements.


To help students to make and adjust plans to reflect their strengths, options and choices.

The Department of Education has a national framework of careers education which describes learning outcomes.  The framework supports the development of programmes that help young people to understand:

-        The links between living, learning and earning

-        What happens in the working world and how it is changing

-        What can help a person’s transition and career to go well

-        What students can do to improve their chances of success

-        Their starting points and influences on them

-        How and where to get information and how to judge its value and trustworthiness

-        How to make decisions and deal with the consequences


Our programme gives students:

-        The opportunity to take an active part in their career learning

-        Access to useful information and a system for reviewing their readiness for further learning and work

-        Background knowledge on areas such as what is happening in work, how to make a career decision, how to search for opportunities and how to do                     themselves justice in applications and interviews

-        Links with the working world through visits, visitors, work experience and other activities

-        A system for recording what they learn and how it affects them and their plans


The careers programme is monitored, reviewed and evaluated by the board of governors every three years.

Upcoming Events


Futures Day

It was our pleasure to welcome representatives from fifteen local employers and training providers, to meet our Year 11 students (and some year 10s) at our ‘Futures Day’ careers event in September.

Most supported the event by meeting students in a ‘speed interviewing’ session in which they answered students’ questions around occupations in their sector, opportunities and entry routes. Some also delivered interactive presentations in other sessions throughout the day. These included sessions on: higher education; employment and apprenticeships; exam skills; an introduction to the 6th form and the launch of our new careers software, Job Explorer Database.

Feedback received so far from our students is that they found the day interesting, informative and inspiring. Some students have since told staff that, as a result, they now know what they would like to do when they leave school; and a few students impressed employers so much on the day that they were offered work experience placements with local businesses. Well done!

The employers and training providers who attended have also given very positive feedback. For example, Annette Street from Milton Keynes University Hospital said: “I really enjoyed meeting your students and was so impressed with them all. It was great to hear such enthusiasm from the students for their careers and for their school.”


1.1 At Sir Herbert Leon Academy we care about and are totally committed to each and
every student’s academic success, personal well-being and preparation for the future. Our core
purpose is to enable all young people to have the opportunities to make exceptional progress both
academically and in their life outside of the classroom so that they are able to live fulfilling and
successful lives. The Academy believes that every individual should be prepared for the
opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, and that this preparation should be an
important and distinctive element of the curriculum.
1.2 The Academy will ensure that each pupil’s curriculum is broad and balanced to meet career
aspirations as they develop, and that there will be equality of access to all teaching and learning
strategies irrespective of gender, race, creed and ability. This will be achieved through consultation
with the Local Board of Governors, teachers, pupils, parents/ carers, and the statutory Independent
and impartial careers advice commissioned by the academy.