The curriculum offered is purposeful, stimulating and designed to meet the needs of all our students. This enhances students' potential, so that they leave Nightingale Academy having made the most of their learning ability, whatever their gifts or talents may be. There is a range of both academic and vocational subjects which will enable students to gain a full range of qualifications and life skills.
  • We offer personalised learning pathways which include opportunities for all learning needs
  • Specialist facility for EAL learners 
  • Specialised language and literacy team
  • First class ICT infrastructure
  • Specialism in Sport and active leisure 
  • Additional learning needs (SEND) and inclusion
  • International links giving learners the opportunity to be global citizens
Click here for more information on the Key Stage 3Key Stage 4  and Key Stage 5 curriculum that we offer at Nightingale Academy. Otherwise, please contact Mr O'Donnell on 0208 443 8500 to discuss the curriculum further.