Welcome to New Rickstones, an 11-18 academy situated in North Witham. It is an exciting time as the New Rickstones Academy of today is a place where we aim to get the best out of every one of our students. Whether it is our most gifted and talented, who regularly go to university, or the student who needs extra help; every student at New Rickstones Academy is valued as an individual in their own right.

We hope to create an environment which promotes an independent work ethic and encourages all students to acquire a love of learning. I want students to enjoy their school life and be inspired by their lessons, whilst providing each one of them with an academic challenge that enables them to realise their potential. Alongside this, we are committed to nurturing a supportive community which encourages a sense of social responsibility and personal development for all at New Rickstones.

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Statement from Academies Enterprise Trust re consultation on amalgamation 26-02-2015

The consultation on the future arrangements for Maltings and New Rickstones academies has now concluded. We are very grateful for the engagement and contributions from parents, stakeholders in Witham, and Priti Patel MP, and the breadth of opinions that we have received from the community. We have now reviewed the feedback and considered a wide range of options regarding the arrangements to secure the best possible secondary education for children and young people in Witham. Our preferred option is to retain both academies as separate secondary schools, but to share support services in order to optimise the resources that are directly used for teaching and learning.

We are conscious that parents want certainty, especially at this time of year when school choices are uppermost in parents’ minds. This option is therefore to be considered by our Trustees at its meeting on 10 March 2015 and the plan signed off. A copy of our consultation report will be posted on our website prior to this meeting.

Ian Comfort, Group Chief Executive                      Rupert Gather, Chairman



Monday 2nd March
3 March  - OFSTED celebration evening for the community 5-7pm

5 March - Year 8 Girls HPV Immunisations

10 March - Year 9 SLP Immunisations

26 March - Year 10 Parents Evening

27 March - Last day of term - no early closure

30 March - 10 April - Easter Holidays