Behaviour & safeguarding

Behaviour and Safeguarding

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Managing Behaviour

The academy has a formal behaviour policy which has been approved by our governing body and sets out the principles of how we manage behaviour in the academy. This can be downloaded from the policies page. The information below explains in a little more detail how we manage behaviour on a daily basis in the academy.

All children will be taught the importance of complying with Bumble's golden rules which are simple and straightforward: The rules are displayed in each classroom along with our key learning drivers values:

Children who make positive choices with regards to behaviour will be acknowledged. This may be by simple praise, a note home/Marvelous Me about their good behaviour and effort, a nomination to attend the weekly top table lunch with Bumble, earning golden time or recognition at one of our special assemblies/celebration events. We also love giving out lots of stickers!

Children who do not make the right choices will be given opportunities to correct their behaviour and will be made fully aware of their choices and consequence of these choices. The language used by all members of staff to do this is very similar and we talk about children making the right choices. If the poor choice of behaviour persists, they will be told that they are on the consequence ladder and will be asked to have a short formal conversation with the class teacher. If the poor behaviour still persists, they are told that they have will have to meet with a senior member of staff (KS leader or Deputy head/Headteacher). If appropriate then parents will be made aware. Eight or more meetings with SLT within a four week period will trigger further action to support the child. In certain circumstances children will be kept at the end of the academy day (agreed prior with parents).

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If a child is at risk of hurting themselves or another person then they may be positively handled by a member of staff . Positive handling is always done for the minimal period (and as a last resort of de escalation) and to keep all parties safe. Parents will be informed. An incident of serious misbehaviour or a number of incidents of persistent poor behaviour may result in a fixed-term or even permanent exclusion .Children who feel bullied are encouraged to speak to one of our Academy council or playground leaders, in addition to any member of staff. Children are taught to ‘stop, talk and walk’ and not to retaliate if they feel bullied. All reports of bullying are recorded (on CPOMS), dealt with and then monitored to ensure that they do not recur. In most instances ‘bullying’ is a fall-out between friends and the situation is quickly rectified. See further information about how we deal with bullying here.


The academy takes its safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. We understand that it is our duty to keep children safe whilst they are in our care. Our recruitment processes are rigorous and conform to current recommended guidance to do our utmost to ensure that only those suitable to work with children are employed. The lead for safeguarding within the academy (and the first point of contact for a safeguarding issue) is Mrs Jackie Guest, Pastoral Manager. The senior designated person for safeguarding is Mrs Nichola Smith, Head Teacher. Our governor with oversight of safeguarding is Mrs Karen Stephens.

There is a code of conduct in place which sets out detailed policies and procedures for staff to follow – these have been put in place to keep everybody safe. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy also ensures that if a child makes a disclosure about an event outside the academy, there are appropriate procedures in place to ensure that action is taken to support the child, CPOMS is used to record all information.

A wide range of additional procedures ensure that children are kept safe:

  • Health & Safety policy
  • Fire Safety procedures
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Safe internet use guidance
  • Risk assessments
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A wide range of volunteers visit the academy over the course of an academic year. This includes parent volunteers, students, specialist teachers and enrichment providers, to name but a few. In order to ensure that there is no reason why these people should not work with children, enhanced criminal record checks are carried out if they are to be left alone with pupils at any time.