You said and we did

Post date: Nov 4, 2014 12:55:25 PM

We try very hard to listen to our parents and take on board any suggestions that we can. Most recently we have acted upon the following:

You said: We couldn't hear the children speak in the recent harvest assembly.

We did: We are looking into buying some microphones so that these can be used in future productions.

You said: Sometimes the children come home at the end of the academy day in their PE kit. We are worried they may get cold.

We did: We will check that all children are dressed appropriately for the weather and the length of their journey home before they leave the academy.

You said: We don't get enough notice of parental events, this is difficult if we have to book time off work to attend.

We did: We are working hard to give as much notice as possible. All events will be put into the academy diary which can be found on the home page of our website.

You said: In the mornings before the start of the academy day some of the pupils are playing with footballs and the ball can accidentally hit someone and hurt them.

We did: After some discussion we decided to ban the bringing in of balls from home. This is because they are often harder balls than we use in the academy and are therefore more likely to hurt someone.

You said: We need an emergency contact number if we need to phone after the end of the academy day (for example if our child has not come home from the academy at the normal time and we need to check when they left).

We did: We now have an emergency contact number for use up until 19:00 on school nights. The number is given out on the academy answerphone message.